8 Easy Way To Keep House Clean To Avoid Corona Infections

It is important to maintain personal safety when going out to avoid corona infections; It is also important to keep the house germ-free. 

Everything from your smartphone to furniture is likely to have corona germs. As a result, it’s critical to preserve the house healthy through this COvid-19 outbreak.

No matter how much you disinfect your hands with a sanitizer, if there are germs in any part of the house, the virus can enter the body only if you touch it later.

Again no matter how much you wash clothes with a disinfectant if you do not wash at the right temperature but the clothes will not be completely sterile.

Therefore, at this time, find out exactly how to clean the house sterile things. Then maybe you can avoid the outbreak of coronavirus at least a little-

8 Easy Way To Avoid Corona Infections

>> Use antibacterial soap when washing your hands repeatedly. Hands should be washed with soap to remove germs, however, if viruses persist, using the alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Then the germs will be completely removed to avoid corona infections.

>> Starting from the floor of the house, it is important to keep the furniture, sheets, pillow covers, etc. sterile. Use Disinfector instead of phenyl when wiping the house. You can use Dettol or any other disinfectant solution in water.

>> Soak a towel while cleaning the furniture. However, do not use a wet cloth on wood or iron furniture. Furniture can also be disinfected with a sanitizer towel or with a sanitized wipe.

>> Soak clothes in hot water mixed with some anti-bacterial solution with detergent while cleaning clothes to avoid coronary infection. Hot water, detergent, and anti-bacterial solution act as a disinfectant.

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>> Wear gloves when cleaning the house. This will keep your hands safe from germs. When opening the gloves, open them upside down so that your hands do not touch the outside of the gloves.

>> According to various reports, there are as many germs in a toilet seat; Ten times more than that on the screen and cover of the smartphone. Smartphones and other electronic gadgets need to be cleaned by spraying disinfectants on cloth pieces.

>> Regularly clean the walls or faucet faces with disinfectant or bleach starting from the high commode of the toilet to avoid corona infections. Toothbrushes also contain a lot of germs. Soak in hot water for a while before using each toothbrush.

>> Start from the door handle and clean all the switches in the house by spraying disinfectant. Because all the members of the family touch their hands on these surfaces.

Source: CDC / Today

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