Some Important Advice To Recover From Coronavirus At Home

To recover from coronavirus at home is a good choice because hospital beds are almost full.

The number of coronavirus infections has spread across the country. The death rate is also increasing. At this time, even critically ill people are not being admitted to the hospitals.

Most of the Covid-19 victims recover from coronavirus from home treatment. At this time, there is a lot of recovery by staying in isolation at home.

Those who are feeling sick have a few symptoms of corona; If they want, they can get rid of Covid-19 by taking rest from home and eating nutritious food.

Symptoms of flu or general fever, runny nose, cough, and sore throat are more common in people infected with Covid-19. If you are positive in the Covid-19 test after these symptoms appear; Then medicine and home remedies will match.

Up to this point, the majority of Covid-19 patients have shared symptoms. These include fever, dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, chest pain and shortness of breath, fatigue, gastric problems, loss of sense of smell and taste.

If you are Covid-19 positive; What to do then?

If Covid-19 is positive, you quickly start living in isolation. If you and your family and friends are otherwise well, you should be screened for Covid-19. If everyone in the family is healthy; Then do not come in contact with them.

If there are no serious symptoms in your body; Yet do not feel healthy. Because for others, the virus in your body can be a serious risk. Therefore, after being positive about Covid-19, separate yourself from others. Do not make contact with others until the situation has turned negative.

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Stay separate in a room with ventilation at this time. Always sanitize your surroundings. Avoid contact with others. Always use a mask. Keep your clothes, utensils, or used items separate. And, hands should be washed in soapy water for 20 seconds each time.

How does someone recover from coronavirus at home?

If the symptoms of Covid-19 are normal; Then you can be healthy sitting at home. Medication should be taken at this time according to the doctor’s advice. Never take medicine after hearing from anyone.

You must be hydrated if you are infected with corona. Adequate rest should be taken at this time. Refrain from panicking or worrying. At this time, to increase the body’s resistance to disease, herbal ingredients, and nutritious foods should be eaten. And, coronavirus patients must consume antioxidant-rich foods.

When do coronavirus victims go to the hospital?

If your conditions worsen you must seek medical attention immediately. For example, if you have trouble breathing, severe chest pain, mental confusion, blue lips, frequent sleep problems, etc. you need to understand that your body’s oxygen level is decreasing.

Source: Times of India

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