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Balamurali Ambati

About Balamurali Ambati:

  • Name: Balamurali Ambati
  • Origin:  American.
  • Birthplace: Minnesota, United States.
  • Current residence: Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Education: In the beginning, Balamurali Ambati admitted to the high school at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, then he shifted to Baltimore City College where he got his graduation at the age of eleven. At this time, he is also a collaborator for a researcher’s book on HIV/AIDS called The True Story – A Comprehensive Guide. At the age of 13, Ambati got graduation from New York University. when he was 17 gets he graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He was able to confirm the 99 percent mark on the National Medical Boards and get the tag of “world’s youngest doctor” in 1995.
  • Yearly income: The yearly income is not confirmed by any online site or platforms, but we may guess that it can be below five million or above.
  • Brothers & Sisters name: Jayakrishna.

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A few words about Balamurali Ambati

Balamurali Krishna Ambati is an American mostly known as Balamurali Ambati is one of the world’s youngest doctors in 1995. He was one of the talented people who did his graduation at the early age of eleven. We also can see some of his achievement which proved that he truly an incredible person like at 2008-16, Balamurali worked at the Moran Eye Center and served as professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences, adjunct associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy, and director of corneal research at the University of Utah School of Medicine. As of 2017, he practices in Eugene, Oregon at Pacific Clear Vision Institute and in Ketchum, Idaho.

Achievements List:

Balamurali Ambati completed an ophthalmology residency at Harvard UniversityUniversity, then he prepared tactics to reverse corneal angiogenesis. When he at the Westinghouse Science Talent Search and the International Science & Engineering Fair and becoming a National Merit Scholar. He collects the prestigious Raja-Lakshmi Award from Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation, Chennai in 1995.

Awards Names and Years:

Balamurali Ambati won the Ludwig von Sallmann Clinician-Scientist Award in 2014 from ARVO Foundation. The Troutman-Véronneau Prize in 2013 from the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology. He also got the Fourth IRDS Awards from the Lucknow-based Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences.

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