Bard’s Crossing Treasure & Location Map With Video

Bard’s Crossing Treasure hunt is one of the easiest ways to earn cash in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Online game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has become an amazing global success, and players all around the world can’t quite get it.

Rockstar has truly surpassed themselves through their realistic Old Country adventure, which has only gotten stronger.

Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online

And, the web-based beta has given the game up an entirely new level, with a slew of fresh challenges to hold us occupied. 

Treasure maps, as in the standard game, play an important role. 

Now, in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, we’ll show you how and where to crack the Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map.

Money is a little more difficult to get by in the online edition of the game but discovering treasure maps can be a huge help.

To access the Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map, you must first hit level 10 online.

You can advance via the tiers by playing the gameplay online and gaining experience points is known as XP.

When you hit level 10, you will obtain a mail with the Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map inside.

And, it can be obtained from any of the postal offices located on the map.

Step By Step Guide To Find The Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map:

When you achieve Rank 10, you should be eligible to purchase the Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map.

Either from the postal service or the collections box at your base.

Bard's Crossing
Bard’s Crossing

After obtaining the map, proceed north of Blackwater to Bard’s Crossing.

How To Discover the Bard’s Crossing Treasure:

The searching region is large and the treasure box can exist in many places.

But always be careful to verify the below areas for the treasure.

And, then use your Eagle Sight whether you are experiencing troubles. 

  • On the north rim of the search field, near the green grass cliff. 
Dakota River
Dakota River
  • The chest is located underneath a plant on a rock outcrop facing the river.
rock outcrop
rock outcrop
  • On a rocky side of a cliff just south of the railway lines, on the east side of the searching area.
  • The chest is hidden beneath a big stone along the edge of the cliff. Gamers will have to climb a little mountain to get to that one.
 edge of the cliff
edge of the cliff
  • The lockbox can also arise mostly on a tiny island to the southeast of the evacuation zone, along the edge of the water. 
Flatneck Station
Flatneck Station
  • The chest could be concealed between such a small rock and also a few foliages.
Southeast Zone
Southeast Zone
  • An even more possible location for the Bard’s Crossing treasure would be near the south coast of the island immediately north of the Bard’s Crossing bridge.
Bard's Crossing bridge
Bard’s Crossing bridge
  • The chest could make appearances in a collapsed tree and even a boulder.
collapsed tree
collapsed tree

How to locate Both Lock Boxes:

While lockboxes can respawn in even more than a few of these positions.

And, we discovered two at the same time just one can hold the treasure.

You have to search every other place to confirm you have the gold bars and money you’ve been looking for.

Final Word:

Cash, and particularly gold, can be difficult to get by in Red Dead Online.

Finding Hidden Treasures scattered from around the map is among the easiest ways to make a few dollars.

By leveling up in Red Dead Online, you’ll be provided Treasure Maps that guess at the positions.

The problem is that they’re not very concise. 

Besides, the Bard’s Crossing Treasure, in general, can become a real pain to hunt down, since it can spawn in a variety of locations.

We’ve placed together a whole Red Dead Online Bard’s Crossing Treasure Areas Reference to support you identify the Bard’s Crossing Treasure.

And, you will randomly come across a hidden treasure when playing Red Dead Online.

The Bard’s Crossing Treasure Location Map is among the first you’ll receive.

It shows the place of a treasure discovered at Bard’s Crossing. 

And, the difficulty is that this is a vast region and the treasure could appear in one of 3 locations.

Hope you can now easily find the bard’s crossing treasure location.

If you still have any queries regarding bard’s crossing treasure location mention them in the comment section. 

Bard’s Crossing Treasure & Location Map Video:

YouTube Channel: dadbodgames

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