Breathing Exercises That Are Important To Do During Corona Pandemic

There is no substitute for breathing exercises to increase lung function. Breathing exercises keep the lungs healthy. Regular breathing exercises keep the oxygen level in the body adequate. As well as blood pressure is under control and sleep is good. Having respiratory problems increases the risk of lung disease and heart disease.

According to experts, the health and functioning of the heart and lungs these two vital organs are linked to respiration. Carbon dioxide produced by the metabolism of cells in the body travels with the blood to the heart and from there to the lungs. At the same time, the oxygen received in the lungs is collected from the bloodstream and delivered to every living cell in the heart.

Most patients with coronary heart disease suffer from various respiratory problems. Even after recovering from corona, in particular, many are suffering from lung problems as long covid. However, according to the advice of experts, regular physical exercise and breathing exercises will benefit everyone.

Abdominal breathing, in particular, may become accustomed to breathing, especially through the chest. Such exercises become a daily habit through regular practice. Experts say that if someone runs a deep breathing and exhalation process for at least three minutes; Only then is his respiratory problems likely to decrease.

Studies have shown that practicing abdominal breathing for 4-5 minutes every day helps us to improve our overall breathing. At the same time, there is an overall improvement in the function of the lungs and heart.

Breathing exercises must be given importance in coronary conditions at present. Hold your breath as extended as you can after which gently exhale. This results in the exercise of the lung cells. Respiratory problems can be avoided as a result of the virus. 

Find out what exercises to do at this time to avoid breathing problems-

Belly Breathing Exercise

First, lie down on the bed and bend your knees. If necessary, place the pillow under the head and knees. Put one hand on the stomach the other on the chest at this point. Continue to breathe through your nose as though your stomach is bloated. Pause your breath for 5 seconds and then exhale deeply. Repeat this process as several times as you can

Pursed lip breathing exercise

For those who have shortness of breath or asthma; One of the most beneficial exercises is the pursed-lip breathing exercise. It has to be done half-lying down or upside down. This causes more oxygen to enter the lungs. At the same time, shortness of breath is reduced and the phlegm accumulated inside the lungs is thinned.

Breathe through the nose first to do this exercise. Hold the air for some time (3-5 seconds) and let it out twice as long as you have taken the air, like whistling with your mouth. That is, if you breathe for 2 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds.

Equal breathing

This exercise can be done in any position while lying down. When doing this, first take air through the nose for 5 seconds. Hold the air for a while and release the air through the nose for 5 seconds.

Deep breathing exercises

First, extend the chest with both hands on the chest and the elbows behind. Take a big breath in through your nose. Hold your breath for a while and exhale loudly through your nose.

Active Cycle of Breathing Technique

You will get more benefits if you do this exercise while lying down. Therefore, breath loudly through the nose. Then hold for 3 seconds. Exhale loudly with the last month. Do this three times. After that, he did not breathe normally for 10 seconds. Start the exercise again.

Then cough loudly 2-3 times. Complete 2-3 cycles while coughing. This is the most efficient method for removing mucus from the lungs.

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