Canvas Host Review: The Best Hosting Plan For Small Business

Canvas Host was set up in 2002 by David Anderson.

David is an IT specialist who aimed to add a personal touch to the otherwise individualistic hosting market.

And, they have customized services at all stages and use environmentally sustainable commercial strategies.

Canvas Host makes it convenient to create a fantastic website.

First, begin with their free version and gradually incorporate further additional options as one’s business expands.

Canvas sites are both high-quality and mobile-friendly. 

Once users buy the Canvas website builder through the Canvas Applications Store.

Then, users will control the website’s everything from a single location.

And, people also would not have to configure DNS services.

Canvas website builder automated system taking charge of everything.

What is Canvas Host?

Canvas Host is a convenient and fast one-page featureful website builder. HostPapa providing this reasonable and great feature hosting service.

If people require a fast medium to inform the internet about themselves.

Or, one’s company and website construction are all difficult for them.

Again, if individuals don’t require a large and complex website, then Canvas Host is exactly what people needed.

The Detailed Review of Canvas Host:

Canvas Host is an environmentally friendly web hosting service headquartered in Portland.

And, it offers secure shared hosting solutions and VPS services with a 1-month cash back guarantee.

As well as support including website development and domain registration.


Canvas Host provides you with whatever you require to create, develop, and maintain your website.

And, their joint hosting arrangements provide the very next benefits:

There is no limit to the number of parked domains and subdomains that can be registered.

  • Linux operating system
  • Automatic SSL certificates
  • POP3 services
  • IMAP
  • Webmail
  • FTP
  • SFTP Access
  • SSH accessibility 
  • Scheduled operations
  • Cron workers services
  • Backups are performed automatically every week
  • There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Support

Besides, every other Canvas shared hosting profile includes cPanel.

And, this cPanel allows everyone to control their storage capacity, email messages, documents, datasets, and privacy with ease.

Simple to Use:

People won’t require programming or HTML skills to create a website with the newcomer Canvas Host

Besides, users can implement your preferred CMS with Installatron, a simple one-click installation.

The famous web portal creator Weebly is even featured Users can develop

And, install a responsive website in 1 minute using its convenient drag & drop user interface.

After that, users can consider the tried-and-true Cloudflare caching to boost up their websites by approximately 200 percent. 

You will never be unable to access or control your website space. 

Moreover, numerous brilliant instructions will direct you to each phase of the journey on the canvas website builder tutorial page.

Safety and Security:

Canvas Host is concerned about user protection and security.

They conduct automatic ransomware and virus scans on websites and applications hosted on canvas website builder server.

Again, anti-spam scanning is provided by all of their email addresses, along with the free ones. 

Significant events are handled on-site as soon as they occur until they worsen and impact the output of one’s website.

Besides, canvas website builders conduct daily spyware and virus scans on every one of their customers’ websites.

Virtual Private Servers:

Now, users can purchase Portland-based virtual private servers (VPS) with geo-tagged IP addresses.

There are three packages offered all of which operate on CentOS/Linux: 

  • VPS1
  • VPS2
  • VPS3

virtual private servers have storage ranging from 10GB towards 30GB and bandwidth range from 200GB to 600GB.

Canvas website builder VPS is appropriate for clients who require more configuration or advanced hosting for their websites and apps. 

Users receive designated RAM, storage capacity, and IP addresses with their programs.

And, they will even have complete root access and SSH control as well as the choice for using cPanel and perhaps even WHM.

Besides, the Canvas website builder offered you shared and VPS hosting. 

And, also Canvas includes online retailer hosting and PCI compatible web hosting for e-commerce shopping platforms.

Moreover, you also can add buying cart functionality and numerous payment solutions.

If anyone decides to develop and manage a website for their non-profit corporation, NGO, or CBO.

You can also look into Canvas Host’s non-profit web host services.

Canvas Host Price:

Canvas Host pricing suggests that they appeal to a wide variety of plans. 

Although moderately more costly, their plans include no installation charges.

And, a slew of functionality that users didn’t believe at the bottom of the hierarchy.

You will focus on saving more money if they join in for 6 months or above.

However, prepaid packages are eligible for a discount of approximately 25%.

Canvas Host’s shared, retailer, PCI compatible, and perhaps even virtual private servers (VPS) hosting plans. 

All plans have a 30-day funds-back promise as well as a “no overselling” set of policies.

Price of Canvas Host Web Hosting:

Plan NameStorage CapacityBandwidthLimitWebsite LimitPrice
Plan A3 GB60 No Limit5.25 USD
Plan B6 GB120No Limit10.50 USD
Plan C12 GB240No Limit17.50 USD
Web Hosting

Price of Canvas website builder Dedicated Server:

Plan NameStorage CapacityCPU CoresRam (GB)Price
Dedicated Green Mini500 GB99 USD
Dedicated Green Hybrid500 GB2149 USD
Dedicated A Basic1 TB4199 USD
Dedicated A Advanced1 TB274 USD
Dedicated B Basic2 TB8349 USD
Dedicated B Advanced2 TB12 424 USD
Dedicated C Basic3 TB12 624 USD
Dedicated C Advanced3 TB24 724 USD
Dedicated Server

Price of Canvas Host VPS Hosting Services:

Plan NameStorage CapacityRAM Price
Canvas VPS 110 GB512 MB21 USD
Canvas VPS 220 GB768 MB31 USD
Canvas VPS 330 GB1 GB42 USD
Hosting Services

Canvas Host, despite its limited scale, provides a variety of feature-rich services.

And, also flexible hosting solutions at affordable rates, as well as great and personalized assistance.

Canvas Host may provide a high-quality service at a fair price.

However, can it compete with the best website development providers? We hesitate to say “yes.”

Canvas Host Pros:

  • Money-back policy for 30 days
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
  • Technical assistance is available 24/7 
  • Setup of a free account

Canvas Host Cons:

  • High-end shared hosting costs
  • There is no web chat assistance

What am I able to do with the Canvas website builder?

People can make a page using Canvas website builder:

  1. A title, as well as refers to every other resource you might have.
  1. A brief overview of your website/product/or something else people choose to view on their website.
  1. A picture gallery
  1. A section for gathering email accounts from your website visitors
Email Address
Email Address
  1. A contact page that will send comments from tourists to your email address
Contact Page
Contact Page
  1. Your website’s footer

Warp Up:

Canvas Host is very popular for its free account services and easy-to-use website builder features.

You can also use canvas website builder for making e-commerce online business in this Covid-19 pandemic circumstance.

24/7 customer support and 30 days cash back guarantee to make Canvas Host unique from other website builder programs.

Hope you like our detailed review of the canvas host.

If you still now have confusion or questions regarding Canvas Cost write in the comment section.

Canvas Host: FAQs

Can I use Canvas Host to make improvements to my website?

You may, in a sense. You may customize the history of every segment of the website and also the structure of the parts.

And, users can also select from a variety of designs/templates for several of the web pages.

Can I be allowed to upload the content of my original images via canvas website builder?

You can upload your images to the website’s gallery page.

And using those images and videos as a backdrop for any of the areas excluding the footer section.

Does Canvas website builder allow videos and code?

The Canvas website builder does not allow videos or code.

And, users can also enter texts in the “Content” portion.

Can Canvas Host be used to build an online marketplace?

No, the Canvas website builder cannot be used to build an online store because it lacks the requisite parts.

Is hosting required to use Canvas website builder?

Canvas website builder does not need hosting.

To add your domain name to the website, everything you require is a CNAME archive for www host.

And, CNAME is auto instantly created when you buy an app from Canvas.

If someone deleted the CNAME or have to individually configure it, create the below records:

And, @ forwarding to http://www.yourdomain.tld URL Redirect Record

www CNAME Record referring to

Is it a good idea if I go with Canvas instead of my existing hosting?

Canvas is perfect if individuals only require only one page to introduce themselves or one’s company to the public.

And, it is quite straightforward to navigate and helps everyone to create their first website in much less than 1 hour.

A hosting services service is needed if people choose to build a website with subdomains or subdirectories.

And also, add video clips, setting up an internet-based marketplace.

Or, configure their website with their specific code, designs, and many more.

Can I use Canvas to install SSL on a website?

SSL is not acceptable to use with Canvas and either Canvas regular or Paid DNS.

Is it achievable to deactivate Canvas in one’s account?

Canvas can be removed in the very next way:

  1. In the left-hand menu, choose Apps
  2. Edits
  3. Delete your Canvas subscription by pressing the “Delete” button next to it
  4. Select “OK” to activate the removal.
  5. In the upper right corner of your Applications dashboard, click the “OK” icon.

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