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ECU Online Degrees: Looking to complete your next bachelor’s or master’s degree through online medium ten East Carolina University (ECU) can be your topmost priority. It was established in 1907 and has continued to give quality education to millions. They are leaders in distance learning and provide masters and bachelor’s degrees.

The university provides thousands of courses to choose from. From technological niches to arts and finance, it provides you with all. The university’s communications, nursing, and public health degrees are highly reputed. The biggest benefit of e-learning is that you have an ample amount of time to do your other works. So, ECU Online Degrees is perfect for you.

Pros of online education/ECU Online Degrees

  • First of all, it is efficient. You wouldn’t feel like you have wasted a penny none of your time will get wasted.
  • The platform provides education to nearly anyone. In today’s world, you can think of getting a degree at a British university by sitting at your home in the US.
  • The fees are also lesser as compared to classroom teaching.
  • The students can access it from wherever they want. You can learn even while doing some other stuff. This also increases the student attention ratio.
  • Since we know that everyone has a different learning method and pace, so many students fall behind the classroom. Online education will ensure that these students will not fall back.
  • You can connect to peers from all over the world. It opens up a different sphere of our personality.

What Degrees Does the University Offer?


The university has 14 bachelor’s degree programs with over 2185 degree courses. You have the option to choose from almost all the fields so there is no limitation on your choices. On average the tuition fees for North Carolina residents is 6k to 8k $ while other state residents have to pay around 19k to 21k $.


The university has 28 master’s programs with 1028 online degree courses. The tuition fees for North Carolina residents are 5k to 7k $ while other state residents’ fees would be around 21k dollars for residents and 40k for nonresidents ( this includes study material, books, stationery, etc).


CourseResidentsNon residents
Under graduation$166.66 per semester hour + 16 $$716.31 per semester hour + 16 $
Graduation$249.26 per semester hour + 16 $$893.82 per semester hour + 16 $

Overall tuition fees for residents would be around 7500 $ for undergraduates and 8000 $ for graduates’ degrees. The nonresidents have to pay around 20000 $ for undergraduates and 22000 $ for graduates’ degrees. The total cost of attendance would be around 21k dollars for residents and 40k for nonresidents ( this includes study material, books, stationery, etc).

Financial Aid

However, the University provides fewer scholarship programs but you can get benefitted from national scholarship programs. For financial aid, you can contact 252-328-6610 or directly log on to the financial aid office website.

To receive books and other side material set up a bookstore account on the university’s portal. This is the place where you will receive the amounts to buy your books. The university provides refunds to the students only through Touchnet.

How to Apply for ECU Online Degrees?

Just go on to the university’s website and click apply from the top of the dashboard. They will ask for your academic transcripts, transfer certificate, residence proof, and English language proficiency certificates. Non-mandatory documents include a letter of recommendation, other certificates, and co-curriculum accomplishments.

Prominent Courses in ECU Online Degrees

Master of Business Administration

This course is available for both business and non-business undergraduates. You can get this degree either through a classroom program or through an online program. The subjects include finance, supply chain management, marketing strategies, operations management, and many more.

You can learn these subjects in any sequence. The course takes 54 semester hours through 18 scheduled classes. The classes may be increased if you are non-business undergraduates. Business graduates can skip these classes and jump directly on the course.

Master of Arts in communication

This program at North Carolina university emphasizes health communications. You can choose the thesis or non-thesis option. The subjects include media communication, intercultural communications, health communications, and many more. With this degree, you can pursue human relations as a career the course involves 30 hours of the semester.

Master of Science in security studies

This course is only available in online mode. In this course, you will be taught about criminal justice, political science, the environment, and related disciplines. The degree includes 36 semester hours divided into five core courses with an internship. You can choose from subjects like technological security, environmental health, homeland policy, etc.

Master of Science in computer science

This could pandemic has opened wider possibilities for technologically related fields. The course is available online and in campus mode. The degree has three prerequisites — you should have an ug degree in computer science, should know one programming language, and should know about computer architecture. The program takes 30 semester hours to complete. To get the degree you have to attain a GPA above 3 in all the taught subjects.

Overall the bottom line is that in today’s world a number of institutions are claiming to be the best ones so it’s very difficult for us to identify which ones are made for ha. You should always check the authenticity of any course before joining it and have proper thinking over what you are going to study.

Skipping this may make you realize later that ‘ this course is not made for me’. However, online courses at NCU are 100% legit and verified. From the above, you can understand why this university is highly rated not only in terms of the number of courses but also in terms of faculty. The fees can seem a little higher for non-residents but it is well compensated with the quality of education provided.

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