FAU Online Degrees: Florida Atlantic University eLearning Programs

FAU Online Degrees: FAU provides world-class education and student support that too at an affordable cost. Students benefit from an unrivaled online experience because it put content first. Their courses are meticulously planned to guarantee that online students receive the same curriculum as on-campus students.

The classes are provided by widely respected FAU research faculty who use best practices in teaching. Their online academic support resources portal is similar to what is open to students in college.

Students will have access to award-winning tutoring, online college mentors, financial assistance coaches, job counseling, and even more! Whenever it comes to digital learning, they set the standards and will continue to do so. Best of everyone, their online tuition costs are among the most affordable in the states.

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) exemplifies a tradition of constructive and collective community involvement that benefits both the school and the vibrant public and private cultures it represents.

FAU Online Degrees Programs and Features:

E-Learning at FAU:

Virtually, all about eLearning is adaptable: when, where, and how. When you’re an early person who enjoys being up even before the sun rises, you should concentrate on your research at this same time — or perhaps you are a night person who does better in the middle of the night.

Online education helps you to select the right time for you to devote yourself to your classwork. When students follow the conventional college route, they are expected to plan their lives along with their college classes, rather than the other route around.

This isn’t necessarily easy due to family and job commitments. Get the same high-quality college without giving up other commitments.

You can live anywhere in the world and yet graduate from a prestigious university like FAU. Learning does not feel like a hassle, but it does if you are balancing so many responsibilities and have no chance to prepare lessons for hours at a time.

The traditional classroom setting is no longer the only place that people can learn. With e-Learning, you can pursue any curriculum course all without stepping foot on-premises and yet get a world-class degree.

You should benefit from the warmth of your sofa, even though you’re already in those Pajamas. There’s no point in wasting time battling traffic or searching for parking when you can get back to training and learning.

FAU is a university providing thousands of online degrees at the most affordable costs possible. The list is unending. So, this article with only focus on some of the most popular and essential courses at FAU that provide online degrees. Some of the valuable courses of FAU are as follows:

Bachelor Degrees of FAU:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting – 100% Online:

The Masters of Accounts and Masters of Tax programs help students meet the educational standards for both the CPA test in South Carolina and many other states that have implemented the AICPA’s 150-credit-hour standard.

Students should consult with the regional board of accountancy throughout the region where they plan to train for particular required courses. The Accounting major prepares students for professional jobs in accounting-related fields of corporations and society by providing a strong educational base.

Students in the curriculum are prepared to obtain graduate studies in accounting and associated areas.

Undergraduate Certificate

Club Management Certificate – Fully Online:

This same undergraduate certificate on Club Management offers a based program on the management practices considered important for private club administrators in the twenty-first century.

Golf, pool, basketball, aquariums, food service, communications, client services, and leadership are among the management competencies. The personal country club industry is among the greatest hospitality specialty occupations in Florida, with many job openings.

The credential is especially useful for FAU degree-seeking learners just outside of the College of Business, as well as people in the community, hospitality sector employees, and temporary residents.

Master Degrees:

Master of Science in Information Technology Management:

The MSITM program is a STEM master’s degree that provides training for a career path in information technology. These are intended for highly competitive people with programming and/or administrative experience.

The College of Business of FAU is AACSB accredited, which represents the high standard of the programs available to students. Learners should pick from concentrations ranging to optimize their job opportunities:

  1. Management of Information Technology: This emphasis refers to information technology policy issues in organizations.
  2. Analytics in Business. This emphasis aims to assist practitioners in gaining knowledge from big data in order to make strategic choices and offer services in the field of logistics, marketing and sales, and customer experience research and technology. 
  3. Information Technology Advancement. This specialization focuses on the technological aspects of business processes. 
  4. Predictive Analysis in Computer Science This specialization focuses on the technological aspects of business processes. 

Graduate Certificate

Graduate in Big Data Analytics – 100% Online Certification:

The dawn of a new age has come. The new era has arrived. Unimaginable volumes of data are now owned and available by organizations. To progress towards the next step of the technology transition – the data transition – new innovations and initiatives are needed.

The Departments of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (CEECS) and Information Technology and Operations Management (ITOM) have partnered to develop the Big Data Analytics degree program to provide learners with the ability available in this period of Big Data.

This 12-credit degree helps graduate students to extend their expertise and skills in business analytics principles, innovations, and tools. There are two tracks in the credential program: computer science (CS) and business (BU).

Details concerning QM: Higher Ed. QM is a globally accredited, faculty-led peer review process that certifies the content of online course design and online elements.

Performance Matters has evaluated and publicly recognized some parts of this project’s programs as satisfying the criteria for best practices in online course management and implementation. If a program segment has been approved, the Content Matters seal will appear on it.

These degrees are just an example of how efficient these courses are and how compatible and proficient FAU University is in all of its courses. Although this list is just inclusive and not exclusive, you can visit all of the prestigious courses of FAU at their official site.

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