How to Get Netflix for Free Lifetime? [6 Legit Ways]

Do you want Get Netflix for Free? Fun time simply means “Netflix” these days. Ask your friend “What’s your dream, buddy?” The answer will be “Netflix for free.” Are you in the same stitch? Then, you are in the right direction! Your destination is here.

Binge-watching is no doubt fun-filled, but the only headache is it comes with a cost. Netflix is a live streaming service with loads of fantastic content that is worth the money and time! Though there are limitless other content streaming websites, Netflix steals the show.

It has touched the sky by creating a record of 203 million users (January 19, 2021) across the world. Yes! It’s worth the money you invest, but in these tough economic times where time is money, it is not a piece of cake.

Are you wondering how users manage to foot the bill for Netflix in this era of costliness? Press on to your horses and scroll down to know how? Yes! Your craving for a Netflix account is soon to be fulfilled! Happy reading.

Here are the Best Possible Ways That How to Get Netflix for Free:

1. Make use of the free trial:-

Yearning for Netflix? It’s simpler than you think. You are a first-time user and so, Netflix offers an entire month of a free trial. It is considered the most popular method of relishing Netflix for free. You can use Netflix for an entire month but you do not have to spend a single penny.

Complete the sign-up process and have fun for a complete month without any hue or cry. Simply, enter your credit card details. You will receive an introductory mail from Netflix, containing the link to their free trial offer.

Go crazy and enjoy seamless service! Also, make sure to cancel the subscription exactly before 30 days. Netflix will also send a reminder mail to you before the completion of 30 days. Without thinking anymore, rush and sign-up now!

2. Enjoy numerous free trials:-

Yes! You heard me right. If you have more than one credit card, then you can simply create new accounts with another email ID and enjoy the free trial for another 30 days! Are you worried just because you have only one credit card?

Don’t worry. There has another solution. Virtual cards can be used too! Are you wondering what this newbie called “Virtual Cards” is? Here’s a glimpse of what they are.

Use Bank Virtual Credit Card to Get Netflix for Free:-

Bank Accounts have become a necessity these days. Log in to your bank’s online web and then, create a virtual credit card and use this for Netflix too! And the joy is there are no extra charges! And, there are some other apps too which help you to create virtual cards.

What are you waiting for! Log out from your previous free account and relish one more month of Netflix services! 

3. Sharing is caring to Get Netflix for Free

You can share Netflix accounts too just like you share coffees and toffees! By following this trick, you can have fun as well as save some money too! In Netflix, up to five devices can use the same account. But you cannot use it on five screens at the same time.

For a standard subscription, two people can watch simultaneously from their own devices. Whereas on Premium, four people can have fun concurrently. And, here is how you can share it with your buddies and families:

  • Click on your user profile in the upper right corner on the Netflix homepage.      
  • A screen named ‘who’s watching’ will pop up and below that, you’ll find “Manage Profiles.”   
  • Go to “Manage Profiles.”
  • Add a new user by going to “Add Profile.”
  • Enter a new name and profile for the new user and click on “continue” and then, done!

Yay! Your Netflix account is shared with your loved ones. Also, remember that all five accounts must log in through the same email and password! Take pleasure in the shared Netflix-fun!  

4. Netflix Gift Cards to Get Netflix for Free

Sounds new? Yeah! But it’s amazing! There are plenty of websites that offer Netflix gift cards. To achieve this gift card, you don’t need to toil hard. You can simply win them by filling out surveys or some other easy tasks!

Some even offer it for just a sign-up on their websites! Yes! Go check now! How to redeem is easier than this process. Here’s how to do:

  • As soon as you get the code by doing the simple task, navigate to
  • And as expected, enter the code and your binge-watching dream has come true.

5. Netflix cookies to Get Netflix for Free

This feature took the world by storm. This one is 100% genuine one that will allow you to indulge in the amazing fun of Netflix for absolutely free. It’s a very ordinary and easy process.

  • Open Google Chrome on your laptop, or computer and just add Netflix extension from the chrome web store and enjoy Netflix without even entering your bank details!

6. Coupons and discounts:-

If you are planning to purchase one, then hold on! Some websites give away coupons for free Netflix subscriptions or mostly at a discounted rate.

Yes! It’s true, and it has successfully worked for many Netflix users. Just type Coupons for Netflix, and you will find many websites claiming the offer! Go check all of them and bag the most discounted rate and enjoy Netflix at an amazing rate!

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There are numerous more ways to win access to Netflix like free subscriptions with mobile networks, and even Netflix offers some crisp discounts and free streaming festivals on popular occasions.

Netflix also offers a free subscription for some fortunate people who cancel their free trial and don’t buy the full subscription. You can stand a chance too! But who knows your luck?

Some other popular websites often call for a giveaway contest, and some lucky winners get it too! But this requires patience! The above-mentioned tricks don’t even require any master skills or even patience.

Go on and delight in the ultra HD original movies and series that you can’t anywhere else on Earth! Happy binge-watching. To know more, check out their FAQs or Contact them.

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