Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car in 2021, Best & Legit Ways

Now Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car is easy. Most of us spend a lot of time in our car traveling here and there. So, won’t it be lovely if you get paid just for following your daily routine, going to the gym, school, office, and so on?

You must be wondering that how such a thing is possible? Yes, it is possible and even you can do it.

You just have to get your car wrapped with an ad and boom you are ready to earn 300-400$ per month without doing anything extra.

You can maintain your car expenses, pay your credit card bills, buy something online, or whatever you want to do with this extra income.

Many people are already doing it, and now it is your chance to make the most out of this opportunity. Don’t worry we have got it all covered, read further to know everything about car advertising.

How Does Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car?

The process generally works like this: –

  1. You apply for car advertising in a company and your car is ready once the company approves your application.
  2. After that, you will be required to wait till an ad matches your profile.
  3. If you have an ad matching your profile, sufficient details will be provided about payment, duration of the ad campaign, etc.
  4. Once you approve, the car vendor will wrap your car with the ad.
  5. So you are ready to warn 400$ every month.

How to find the authenticity of the company to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car?

This is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra bucks, but there are also several scammers running in the market. So we are listing some of the ways through which you can find if a company is authentic or not?

Although we have listed some premier legit websites, still if you want to search for your self then it will be good to abide by our points given below.

  1. The company’s application process should be sophisticated. They must ask about the model, condition, color of your car before doing anything. But if they directly talk about ad campaigns then it is a red signal for you.
  2. A legit company will never ask for any application fees.
  3. The company will ask that if you have car insurance or not.
  4.  Remember the company will be paying for your ad wrapping cost you don’t need to pay anything for it. If the company asks for it then go for another company and report that company.

Our list of car ad advertising companies to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car:

1. Wrapify

To Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car, use Wrapify you have to download and install its app from your phone’s app market and then register yourself as a driver. And then they will assign you a campaign matching your driving habits.

Your earnings will depend upon the miles you drive and the locations you go. You can expect 200-500$ earnings through this app.


  1. Its payments are ear and consistent.
  2. Most of the ad campaigns are for 1 to 3 months so you don’t have to invest commit for a long duration.


  1. To qualify as a Wrapify driver you have to pass through background checks which require that you should not have more than 2 accidents in the past.
  2. Vehicles older than 2010 will not work.
  3. You have to give termination fees if you remove the wrapping before the prescribed period.

2. Carvertise

It was founded in 2015. To work for carvertise, you have to register yourself on its website. The company pays 100$ each month. It’s an authentic organization to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car.


  1. It allows you to earn more by parking your car at specific places.
  2. You can accept or decline the number of campaigns.


  1. You have to drive at least 30 miles a day.
  2. You should have a car model above 2008.

3. Free car media

To work for free car media, you have to fill an online form and if your application gets approved then the company will approach you and explain the ad campaign details. You can expect earnings of around 50-400$ per month.


  1. You have the option of applying the ad on your rear window instead of your entire car.
  2. You have the right to reject projects.


  1. You have to apply the ad yourself if you have opted for a rear window ad.
  2. The programs are generally lengthy from 6 months to 24 months.

4. ReferralCars

To apply to referralcars you have to enter your ZIP code and then fill out an application describing your driving habits. Your earnings will solely depend upon your ad campaign and if you receive a commission or not.


  1. Ads are generally small.
  2. You have the guarantee to earn money.


  1.  To receive the sticker you will be required to pay a shipping fee.
  2. The company won’t place the sticker on your car. You will be required to do it on your own.

5. StickerRide

It was founded in 2013. To apply to StickerRide you have to download its mobile app. Your income depends upon the number of miles multiplied by a tariff. The tariffs depended on: location, time, the model of the car, and types of stickers.


  1. You have the right to choose your campaign.
  2. It gives you many optional tasks to earn more.


  1. You have to always turn on the app before driving otherwise you will get nothing.

6. Nickelytics

This is one of the best-paying car advertising companies. The application process is easy and once you are registered the company will email you about the advertising details.


  1. You have three wrapping options.
  2. You earn more for every extra mile you drive.


You should have a car model above 2010.

7. CarBucks

 However, it does not pay very well but you can give it a go. To apply to carbucks you have to apply online. Your earnings will be around 600$ per year. It can be a huge option to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car.


  1. It gives shorter as well as longer duration of ad campaigns.
  2. You can carry two ads at the same time.


  1. You have to apply the sticker on your own.
  2. It is very low paid.

So, we have covered everything which you needed to know about car advertising. It is perfect for students or housewives ago don’t have time to work.

You can also earn through your car by delivering supplies such as groceries, clothes, etc. Hope you liked our article.

All the above option for Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car is legitimate and authentic. Thank you to reading this blog.

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