How To Get Atlas Pass For No Man’s Sky V1, V2, And V3

Hello, Gamers. Are you a fan of the amazing game No Man’s Sky? And looking for an answer to How to Get Atlas Pass. Moreover, Atlas Pass has various versions like Atlas pass v1, Atlas pass v2 as well as How to Get Atlas Pass v3.

Then you find out the right website to give you the solution of How to Get Atlas Pass. Since I’ve been enjoying the No Man’s Sky game for a bunch of years. We will discuss the Atlas pass topic as much briefly as we can.

Get Atlas Pass Easy
Get Atlas Pass Easy

Atlas Pass v1, Pass v2, as well as  Atlas Pass v3 are special 3 tricky things that you’ll soon be chasing in No Man’s Sky. Particularly, unless you’re the ambitious guy who wants to go digging around behind all those locked doors at the game’s Space Stations. 

Broadly speaking, such closed doors lead to a number of bonuses that can only support you in your path across the universe, so the sooner you get the Atlas Pass, the best earlier you start.

So, Let’s Check It Out How To Get Atlas Pass:

The No Man’s Sky game Atlas Pass is what you’re supposed to get through playing the main storyline in the game.

And there are different tiers of the game that are completely optional for you to scoop up. You’re supposed to need to go looking for several other versions of the Atlas Pass. 

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If you’d like to optimize your exposure to treasure in No Man’s Sky and create a reputation for yourself as a successful Flyer.  We will give you some most important tips and tricks on how to get Atlas Pass and its various types of the favorite game No Man’s Sky. 

How many forms of Atlas Passes are there in No Man’s Sky?

Actually, there are 3 types of Atlas Passes in No Man’s Sky and they are used for unlocking some storage or some locked doors in the game.

You’ll have to locate a blueprint for every one of them, and afterward the supplies you have to make yourself, to really get them.

They seem to have slightly different applications. But usually, you can find that they function as follows:

  • No Man’s Sky-Atlas Pass-v1: While you’re entering a space station, you’ll notice storage boxes and few other doors that need the Atlas Pass v1. Within you can usually find updates to your continue to find new inventory, new enhancement technologies, and much more. To my knowledge, there is always one right beside your wrecked ship at the beginning of the game, and afterward the odd one within the random house on the planet’s surface.
  • No Man’s Sky-Atlas Pass-v2: There are a number of structures and other buildings on the galaxies you visit. Most of these have locked gates that demand the Atlas Pass v2 to be unlocked. Within you will generally find story-related activities that will help you get nearer to the creation of the galaxy or benefit you in another way. The Atlas V2 Pass is commonly used for opening a door on the universe, within numerous systems such as Territorial Outposts or Warehouses. At this stage, we have not really checked what resides within it; v2 is oddly uncommon; it’s typically a situation of even more loot, anyway.
  • No Man’s Sky-Atlas Pass-v3: The Atlas Pass V3 unlocks the second mega hidden door that you’ll find within the door leading the Atlas Pass V1. Typically, you can also locate similar doors in the Selling Point section of the space terminal. Within, you will typically find important flora as well as other tools and weapons. The Atlas V3 Pass can be used for Top-level doors, especially in the internal regions of the space stations. Usually, there will be an Atlas v3 locked door on the outside of the space terminal that shelters the appearance customizer.

The best thing more about Atlas Pass is that you somehow have one version of each one. You’re required to have to craft the very first one. Until you discover the blueprints.

But, the criteria are limited, and once you’ve got them in your stocks, you don’t have to create the next one. In fact, Atlas Pass v3 can also unlock Atlas Pass v2 locked doors, while Atlas Pass v2 cannot unlock Atlas Pass v3 door locks.

How to get No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass v1:

You need to follow the primary storyline and chat to the Gek alien Polo that you’re dreaming about in the first Space Anomalies you’ve come upon.

If you don’t even know how to navigate the main plot and get to the Gek, just follow the route to the very first Atlas Gui you’ve come across during your Galactic Map.

If you’re not already conscious of Space Anomalies. Typically occurs along its direction of the Atlas, which you can then pick from your Galactic Map if you want the choice at the beginning of the game.

The Space Anomalies occur in the third process you reach and occur as you search the process from space. You will find a purple dot on your HUD.

Polo as well as another creature, Nada, will be inside the Anomaly which looks a little bit like a normal space station. However, You will find other major space stations in the system.

Speak to Polo and he’s going to send you a challenge to reach an easy level of Achievement, and also a prize on the spot just for spotting him. Execute the mission it can encounter 20 aliens, or take a lesson 10 alien terms then go back to him.

Polo is going to tell you to report back within two hours for your bonus, in which you can pick an engineering blueprint for your Exosuit, some tools, or Spaceship, and have another instant reward.

How to get No Man's Sky Atlas Pass v1
How to get No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass v1

When I was playing the Atlas Pass v1 blueprint was offered to me as one of his instant prizes while finishing his second Achievement quest. Atlas Pass v1 itself is made of 80 copper extracted from asset mines on planet landscapes and a microprocessor obtained from sellers.

How to get an Atlas Pass v2 in No Man’s Sky

Finding the Atlas Pass v2 is a little hard as compared to getting pass v1. Still, Don’t panic, we’ve got the solution for you. Currently, the best-proven method to really get blueprints for this is to continuously scan the Manufacturing Plants on the environments of the planet.

How to get an Atlas Pass v2 in No Man's Sky
How to get an Atlas Pass v2 in No Man’s Sky

The best way to locate Manufacturing Plants is to construct a short term piece of hardware named a Signal Booster. You have two choices as you communicate with it:

  • Track down Surrounding Structures: This free search edition only scans the surrounding area and beeps any structures next to you, so you’re not going to be able to select what it’s searching for. This is by no way an absolute science, so it’s going to illustrate something helpful in the surrounding. You would just need to do this a couple of times before a manufacturing plant shows up.
  • Insert Data: It will cost you 1 Navigation Data but helps you to nail down the quest to a certain type of building, and afterward view the location of the nearest structure of that kind.

Navigation Details can be obtained in tiny orange items on a working desk within Space Stations. Now, you have to select input data and afterward select ‘Scan Secure Frequencies’ from the settings.

It will display you the position of either a  Manufacturing Plant or a Supply Warehouse, all of which are ‘safe’ since they have closed doors that need to be demolished by a firearm, like Boltcaster for entering. 

If you’ve located one, go over and fire down the locked door.  Sentinels will try to attack you. However, if you move from left to right while trying to shoot at the door.

They will pretty much entirely miss you with their assaults, and they will lose track of you while you run inside.

You will find a console to communicate with and choosing the correct reply will earn you a reward. Usually, some sort of blueprint for some uncommon technology. If you’re extremely fortunate, you can get an Atlas Pass v2.

How to get No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass v3:

In fact, the process of having Atlas Pass v3 is close to Atlas Pass v2. But we’re looking to update some more stuff. Now, you have to access the Planet Signal Scanner. Then, find the Colonial Outpost option.

You can discover these Signal Scanners by searching for an orange flash of light flying through the air as soon as you enter the environment of a different planet.

It normally takes up to 10 trips to the Colonial Outpost until you discover the Atlas Pass v2. But with a little diligence and a little bit of luck, you’re going to find one easily.

When you choose the Colonial Outpost option each time you have the Atlas Pass you want within a couple of hours. 

No Man’s Sky Gameplay commentary 2021:

Everyone in here and on today’s short article, I’ll be discussing with you guys how to get your Atlas v1, v2 and v3 Pass.

Okay, if you guys remember in the past, the Atlas V3 pass was hard to get and I mean really hard to get. But the reward was quite good.

Because you had access to the exosuit inventory pod on the station where you can upgrade to a new to have at least one more slot on your inventory.

Nowadays 2021, you don’t really need that. The exit seat pod inventory is available to anyone who enters the station.

It’s not locked behind any locked doors or anything like that. But still, the victory pass will allow you to have access to all the areas in the session.

And of course, all the buildings that have locked doors like manufacturing facilities, and other buildings. I don’t remember all of them.

But I’m pretty much sure that also manufacturing facilities have like these locked doors where that require the v2 Pass.

If you have the v3, you can unlock v2 and v1 locks basically. And to get these Atlas v1, v2, and v3 passes, it’s extremely easy and all you have to do is find a manufacturing facility. You have to break it.

Remember there are sentinels around it. If you think it is very easy, it’s not. Although, I’m going to teach you guys how to do it. And, you have to solve the issue that the dashboard will give you. 

And, if you don’t know the language, then it’s going to be harder. But, I’m going to give you guys also a good way to solve it. And basically, I can start by saying that, after your breakthrough, the only way you can.

If you don’t know the answer and probably you won’t know the answer. Don’t worry just save the game before and by saving the game every time you leave your ship.

It already creates another safe so whenever you enter the facility, you don’t know the answer and it doesn’t unlock the technology branch.

No Man's Sky Gameplay commentary 2021
No Man’s Sky Gameplay commentary 2021

Don’t worry, just reload the game and try a different option. And therefore you will open a new eventually you will find the right answer.

Okay so, to break to the secure facility. You can use your ship to destroy the door without being armed by the Sentinels and that is the best way. It doesn’t matter what level you are at. It’s great for the low-level ones.

No Man's Sky Video PC Gameplay
No Man’s Sky Video PC Gameplay

The ones that don’t have the S class multi-tools, and anything like that. Because on the ship you can fly, destroy the door and the Sentinels will not attack you. At least not while you fly, when you land and you try to go to the manufacturing facility.

Then, they can attack you. Indeed one of the fantastic spots to do so is here. Of course, if you have a good multi-tool like S class we get. You know, upgrades for your weapon itself, then you can use it. And, this isn’t as difficult as it is just now.

No Man's Sky Gameplay
No Man’s Sky Gameplay

The problem and the issue becomes what is how to find the manufacturing facilities. Because it’s over there. You will find the technology that you want, not just the apple’s past but you get other recipes for technology.

That is really important later on. And then you can find these manufacturing facilities. Either by flying randomly, or getting lucky and whenever you use the signal booster. It will tell you or point you to a manufacturing facility. But this is extremely random.

I mean you could spend hours and hours without ever finding one, or you can get a planetary shot at the cartographer, that is on a space station.

Now we have to have in mind that each cartographer provides random shots. And the best way to get in this case, the specific shots that mean it has to say.

No Man's Sky Catrographer
No Man’s Sky Catrographer

By saving a massive proportion of navigation information, Safe Site is of interest. Because when you redeem that much, it will be divided into different kinds of shots, among them, of course, secure sites of interest.

It may give you one, it may give you 2 or it may give even 10, doesn’t matter, it’s random. But you have in mind that those shots, the one that says, that’s a secure site of interest.

They will either provide you with the location of a depot, which is not what you’re looking for, an operation center, which is also not, what you’re looking for, or a manufacturing facility.

Even though you have a lot. You have a bigger chance of finding manufacturing facilities. You may also by using those shots. You may also get depots and operation centers.

No Man's Sky Inventory
No Man’s Sky Inventory

So, with all that information that’s how you get the apples fast. So, you find a manufacturing facility, you break through it. You solve the issue that manufacturing facilities have. 

And you choose the option for learning new recipes, new technology, and over that you then unlock the technology that you need.


And that’s it, guys. There’s no more than what I’ve said to you guys before. So, I hope you guys learn how to get atlas pass and like our gameplay commentary.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed no man’s sky how to get an atlas pass. Soon I’m going to see you guys with even more articles for No Man’s Sky. Cheers.

How to Get Atlas Pass: FAQs

Is it possible to steal ships in no man’s sky?

Yes, that’s it. You need to have a bypass chip, which will enable you to log in to a landing pad console, but if there is no ship also you can call yours. Then, it is possible to steal.

How to earn money super fast in no man’s sky?

Freighter missions are indeed a steady way to make money in No Man’s Sky. You can set up a freighter either through purchasing one or by merely protecting a freighter from hostile vessels talking to the captain. They’ll basically give it over to you for nothing.

Do you know the center of no man’s sky?

The Galaxy Center is the major center of all universes in No Man’s Sky and the only clear path to the nearest galaxy in chronological order. A quicker and more accurate way to travel the cosmos is to reboot the simulation.

Do you know the location of the living ship in no man’s sky?

To go and get a biological ship as a component of No Man’s Sky Living Ships upgrade, you’ll have to finish the Starbirth quest. We’ve got a complete walk across it, so be able to reach over with some details. Upon fulfillment, you can obtain a biological ship free – of – charge.

Do you know the consequence if you refuse the Atlas?

Unless the gamer decides to refuse the Atlas. Players’ starship will be summoned to a distant planet in the present galaxy. The starship can be found about 500 units away, and the quest will end instantly.

How To Get Atlas Pass Video Tutorial:

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