How to Get Free Premium Cable Channels in the USA All State?

Do you know How to Get Free Premium Cable Channels? Here in this article, I’ll provide you the secrets of how to get Premium Cable Channels for a 100% free lifetime.

Many a time, it happens that we pay extra charges for premium cable channels. We watch these channels occasionally and many of us do not also want to spend such a large sum on them. Moreover, these channels are quite expensive and many are unable to afford them.

In the USA, the average expense for basic cable channels is USD 12 per month, which increases to USD 100 per month in the case of premium channels. Now, most of us do not know that we can get access to these premium cable channels without paying any money to our cable operators.

6 Ways How to Get Free Premium Cable Channels:

Let us have a look at them.

1. Installing an HDTV Antenna

Like old times, TV antennas are once again becoming popular in the USA. However, unlike the old days, these are digital antennas. You do not have to install these antennas on open areas for getting a good signal.

Moreover, they have better broadcasting signals and offers more than 100 channels to the users, including premium channels.

According to research done by Parks Associates, there has been an increase of 20% in the number of users of digital antennas in the USA since 2017. Antennas are of two types.

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The first one is directional antennas that receive signals from one direction only whereas the other one, omni-directional antennas receive signals from multiple directions. The price of a directional antenna is around USD 50 whereas the price of an omni-directional antenna is slightly higher.

If your residence is within 35 miles from broadcast towers, then you can install an indoor antenna. Otherwise, outdoor antennas will be a better option.

2. Get the membership of a video streaming platform

Instead of taking a cable connection, you can also subscribe to an online video streaming platform. There are so many video streaming sites that are freely available on the internet. These platforms are legal also.

A few of those platforms are free whereas most of them have a subscription fee. However, this fee is very less as compared to the charges you have to pay for a cable TV.

One such free streaming platform is Crackle TV. You can find a large number of movies and TV series on this platform. It was known as “Grouper” earlier.

Since you are getting a free service, you will find ads in between movies or series at regular intervals. The high-quality content and free service make it a very popular platform in the USA.

Another great option is Amazon Prime Video. You have to become an Amazon Prime member to avail yourself of this service. The membership starts at a price of around USD 10 per month.

However, Amazon Prime Video also offers several shows for free. Moreover, there is a provision for adding cable channels at a price lower than the price paid to cable operators.

The most famous streaming platform is Netflix. It has more than 75 million users. Though it is not free, the content quality is of the highest quality. However, for the convenience of the users, it offers several packages of different price ranges.

The basic plan comes at a monthly price of USD 8.99, the standard plan is available at a monthly price of USD 12.99, and the premium plan is priced at a monthly rate of USD 15.99.

3. Watch Cable TV online

If you are having a high-speed internet connection at home, you can watch Cable TV on the internet also. There is a website called, where you can watch your favorite TV programs as well as the daily news.

Other popular websites are,, and You can watch their content on these websites for free. However, you can not view live episodes. On the other hand, you will be able to watch the previous episodes.

If you are a fan of classic TV programs, then you can visit the “Classic Television Online” website. Here you will get plenty of old movies and shows. You can also purchase a Roku device and connect it with your TV.

Roku also offers 4K and HDR services to the clients. Another alternative is YouTube. We all watch videos on YouTube. YouTube can also be used as a substitute for cable TV, with the launching of YouTube TV. It comprises more than 60 channels.

4. Install Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV Cube is widely available at various gadget stores. You can get access to thousands of films/movies and TV shows from around the world wide web.

You have to connect it with the HDMI port, present in your TV. You will require an internet connection. Amazon Fire Stick provides access to several premium channels.

Some popular premium channels provided are ShowTime, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and likewise. On the other ways, the Amazon Fire TV Cube offers some additional prime shows.

5. Android TV Box

You can directly watch premium channels on your television through the Android TV box. You can also use several apps through it such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. However, you will require a fast-speed internet connection for this.

Moreover, an Android TV box is already comprising of various movies and TV shows. It is easily available and priced at around USD 100. Apart from different streaming apps, you can also watch the live telecast of different programs.

6. Watch directly from the TV channel’s mobile app

Nowadays, most TV channels have their own mobile apps. In these apps, you can enjoy the live telecast of the episodes. Moreover, you can also watch the previous episodes here.

However, these apps show ads in between the episodes, which may create a distraction. Mentioned above are some of the legal ways of substituting your cable TV. If your objective is to reduce your expenses, then you can easily switch over to these options.

Many of them will provide better service than your cable operator at a lower cost. However, before deciding on any such alternatives, research them to understand which one is perfect for you.

The cost or the service may vary slightly depending upon your location. Moreover, there is a recent trend of sharing passwords of these apps and gadgets with your friends and family. This will also lower the expenses further.

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