How To Increase Blood Circulation In The Body Efficiently

About 60,000 blood vessels in our body supply blood circulation to all parts of the body, including our heart. If, for some reason, the blood circulation in the body is reduced or any blood vessel becomes blocked; Then there is a possibility of blood clotting.

Then the blood circulation system of the whole body becomes weak. When the blood circulation capacity of the body decreases, not all the cells get the required oxygen and nutrients. So it is essential to follow several things to keep the blood circulation in the body every day.

Symptoms of poor blood circulation

When the blood supply to the body’s organs is reduced; Then the hands and feet may feel cold and numb. 

If the skin is fragile, then many times, the skin looks bluish. Poor blood circulation leads to dry skin, broken nails, and increased hair loss. In patients with diabetes, pain and swelling at the site of any injury do not subside quickly.

How can I accelerate the blood flow in my body?

Stop smoking: 

Nicotine is the primary component of cigarettes. Regular smoking damages the walls of veins and arteries. It also makes the blood darker and heavier. Due to this, blood cannot flow through the ducts in the normal process. So quit smoking as soon as possible.

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Control blood pressure:

Excessive blood pressure causes arterioles, which close the arterial pathways for blood circulation. This can lead to blood clots. So try to keep the blood pressure between 80-120. However, the levels may vary according to age and weight.

Drink lots of water: 

It is claimed that water makes up 50% of the bloodstream. So try always to stay hydrated. Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. And if you work out or stay out, you have to drink more water.

Get in the habit of walking:

If you sit continuously, blood circulation is often disrupted. In this case, the muscles of the hands and feet become numb. This can cause blood to clot and stop the flow of blood.

So if you do that; Where you have to sit for a long time or work at a desk; Then try to get up and walk for half an hour. In this case, the muscles of the hands and feet are activated, and blood circulation is average.

Do Yoga:

Yoga is an effective practice for keeping blood circulation healthy and normal. Through yoga, oxygen reaches the cells of our body quickly. Blood runs every part of the body fast due to different gestures. So do yoga regularly.


If you don’t like doing yoga; Then lie on the bed or mat and keep the whole leg high on the wall for a while. If there is pain or swelling in the leg muscles, this exercise can reduce the leg pain and normalize the blood circulation.

Regular physical activity is the quickest technique to deliver extra oxygen to all parts of the body. Regular running, biking, swimming, or walking provide much more oxygen to the body, making your heart much stronger and lowers blood pressure. Therefore, each day, work out for a minimum of 30 mins.


When standing, keep both hands on your hips and try to sit half straight. This exercise should be done as if sitting invisibly in a chair. This reduces blood sugar levels in the bloodstream & alleviates backache.

Choosing the right socks:

Excessive tight socks or too loose socks can cause difficulty in blood circulation. So choose in advance what size socks to wear.

Consume veggies and fruits instead of meat: 

Include a variety of seasonal fruits & vegetables in your diet. These various nutrients keep the blood circulation of the body regular and healthy.

And eating meat, oily foods, cheese, etc., increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. These foods can cause blood clots. So try to eat colorful vegetables and fruits instead of fatty foods.

Regular body massage:

Before taking a bath, massage the whole body from head to toe with a good quality loafer or scrubber. If the skin is dry, then the blood circulation will be normal and healthy.

Take a hot shower:

Hot water dramatically increases blood circulation in the body and keeps the body healthy. So always try to use light hot water while bathing. In addition, regular consumption of colored tea also increases blood circulation.

Source: WebMD

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