How to increase the efficiency of the lungs during the corona time

At this Covid-19 time, it is important to take care to increase the efficiency of the lungs. This is possible by doing some breathing exercises every day.

Coronavirus infects the lungs. And it is through these lungs that people breathe to survive.

With a few exercises, you can keep your lungs healthy. This exercise reduces the possibility of corona contamination

Breathing exercises will also help to calm your mind, maintain mental balance, stabilize the mood and increase the level of breathing.

So, here are a few workouts to incorporate into your everyday activity to maintain your lungs in good shape throughout this period.

Ujjayi pranayama

This practice of breathing can increase the level of breathing. As long as you can hold your breath, it means your lungs are healthy and improves the efficiency of the lungs.

It can also relieve body tension, regulate body internal temperature, and stimulate lung function. How to do the exercise?

First, close your eyes and sit on the ground in a meditative posture. After that, take some deep breaths via your mouth. At this time you have to constantly breathe through your mouth and exhale.

After a few minutes, shut your mouth then begin breathing via your nose. Holding the breath for a second before exhaling. Spend a couple of minutes doing this.

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The forehead is pranayama for efficiency of the lungs

This exercise strengthens the efficiency of the lungs muscles and keeps them healthy. In addition, the level of breathing will increase if you do this exercise regularly.

Sit with your hands on your knees and meditate. Keep your spine straight at this time. Take such a deep breath through the nose; As if the spine is pulling the abdomen towards.

Then exhale quickly through the nose. Do this exercise 10 times a day. Inhale slowly and exhale quickly.

Nadi Shodhan

This is the technique of fine breathing. This exercise reduces anxiety and mental well-being as well as strengthens the lungs. Now sit comfortably on the ground in a meditative state.

After that, inhale and exhale gradually and spontaneously for a few cycles. Put your left hand on the left leg. 

Now fold the fist of your right hand and close the nose on the right side with the index finger.

Breathe deeply through to the left nostril, hold it, then you have to exhale through to the right nostril.

Then, exhale with your right nose and exhale with your left nose closed. In this way, do the practice of searching for Nadi for a few minutes every day.

Source: Times of India

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