I Met a Man on The London Bridge Riddle Solution 2021

On social networking sites, the latest riddle “I met a man on the London Bridge” is gaining traction. 

Because of this Coronavirus lockdown situation, many people waste their valuable time on social media, especially on Facebook.

On Facebook people are trying to be funny to share Jocks and various brainstorming riddles.

Recently, the “I’ve met a guy on the London Bridge” riddle that’s one of the viral riddles of both Facebook and Twitter.

That’s a word riddle with no image that questions what the name of a person mentioned in the riddle is. 

The Question and Answer of the “I met a man on the London Bridge” viral riddle:

On social media networking sites including Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter, many versions of the riddle have been shared.

Kindly, continue reading to discover much more about the riddle and the solution. 

The riddle can be interpreted in a variety of forms The most famous version of the riddle is as follows:

Question 1 :

Once I met a man on the London Bridge suddenly. And, he pressed his cap and drew his nickname. I mentioned to you his nickname in this riddle.

Question 2 :

I saw an elderly man on the bridge in London. While the sun went down on the mountain. 

He tipped his cap and drew his name, cheating on the mystery game What’s the name of the guy?

What’s going on in your mind? And Are you prepared for the riddle’s solution?


The answer to this “Once I met a man on the London Bridge suddenly” viral riddle is given below,

So, what was the nickname of the dude?

Andrew is the nickname of that person.

The response is constant regardless of the question you read: The dude’s nickname is Andrew.

It’s contained inside the riddle itself, and it’s much more difficult to find out whether you’re speaking the riddle rather than hearing it.

The solution remains the same in other variations of the riddle in different positions. 

In a related riddle, a man is encountered on the road to St. Elephant. 

Other accounts completely omit the name of the location where the person was encountered. 

However, he does have the same nickname regardless of which edition you’re reading.

And in the riddle, his name is just here at all: “he tipped his cap and drew his name.”

Question 3:

And then there is this another, which is a little trickier:

While I was walking over the London Bridge, I saw an individual who drew his cap and drew his cane. 

And I mentioned his nickname in this riddle. What is this?


In this edition, the dude’s nickname is Andrew: “Who drew a cap and drew a cane.”

But it just doesn’t make about as much sense as the other two iterations previously in this article,

Since “his nickname” is also not right after “Andrew.”

So it’s best to post one of the very first two iterations of the riddle whether you’re looking to finish the riddle to somebody else,

If you like the solution it is your first or last name.

In that scenario, the answer could be that his nickname is “Andrew Hiscane.”

Several other folks would perhaps attempt Drew’s acceptable suggestion, that would be “and Drew’s name.”

Again, not everybody is thrilled with the riddle’s solution. 

One user on Reddit said, “There is nothing more than London in the whole statement than a proper noun. 

‘A man’ could not be his name, but the a will also be capitalized. 

And this is presumed to be ‘and drew’ else the meaning of the sentence does not really make a logical difference. 

The entire riddle is fraught with ‘stupid’ syntax problems. 

Can you see what I did here at all? Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?” 

And, Someone else thinks his nickname is Aman.

Many viewers are becoming sick of seeing these puzzles online, and they’re trying to be funny about this though. 

Moreover, One user said, “Coming on Facebook today, so I’m going to see ‘I met a guy on London Bridge’ 

No, you haven’t, you’re in lockdown, and nobody asks regarding your riddle.”

The riddle has been floating for a bit, however, the more we’re all seeking refuge at residence. 

More and more viewers will end up experiencing it on social media.


“I met a man on the London Bridge”- Riddle is a shareable riddle to all of your family and friends.

Since it is devoid of any sort of adult or double meaning connotation.

And this viral riddle also kids friendly and brainstorming.

Hope you like the question and answer of the “I met a man on the London bridge” viral riddle.

If you have any confusion regarding this “once I met a man on the London Bridge ” riddle ask in the comment section.

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