If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle Solution

If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle can be shown to you on social platforms or some friends massage you to solve it as a challenge.

Riddles are a good approach to spend an afternoon because they include learning between both the phrases and knowing play on words. 

Solving riddles, intricate puzzles, and puzzles available on the internet is one of many activities.

And, someone can engage in investing their leisure productively. 

These riddles are not only useful for developing logical and analytical capabilities. 

However, riddles, mysteries, and puzzles are also often enjoyable to answer.

So, if an individual is not intentionally looking for riddles, they are difficult to avoid. 

Since they can be found on all social networking sites. 

Riddles are often encountered on WhatsApp. 

If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle
If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle

And, riddles, mysteries, and puzzles can also be found online on social networking sites such as Facebook. 

Such viral riddles can be difficult to solve at times. 

However, they can also be amusing. 

And even though they are often complex to solve. 

People prefer to invest a lot of hours in them before they find the solution. 

Riddles are also an excellent way to educate one’s brain to make beyond the box. 

There is a current riddle going around on Facebook and Twitter. 

And, here’s the solution.

The Detailed Question And Answer Of If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle:

Mostly during the Covid-19 lockdown, numerous folks have developed a taste for riddles and puzzle games. 

However, it makes it appear that they’re already gaining popularity as many people continue to look for one. 

And, the riddle and puzzle question is yet to be resolved.

So, let us just take a closer look at this egg riddle.


The riddle requests the following questions,

How many chicken eggs do I have; if I had four/4 Eggs, a thief gave me 3/three, and my rooster laid five/5 more eggs?

After only one read, did you get the answer? 

If not, continue reading even though we have the solution to this Eggs riddle down below,


If I had four/4 Eggs the answer is 3/three.

To start, the riddle suggests, “If I had four eggs,” 

And, yet that’s only a hypothetical situation, or even you didn’t get any eggs to start with. 

So that would be a total of 0 eggs.

The thief after which offered you three eggs. 

The rooster laid five more eggs, and therefore this is extremely difficult so that there are no eggs in this. 

The end outcome is 0+3+0=3.


So several participants have been perplexed by the riddle, which appears to be a mathematical problem. 

Whereas the potential reasons have been 7, 4, or 1 egg.

The appropriate answer to the mystery is three/3 eggs. 

And, the approach to understanding this riddle is to recognize that it is not a mathematical problem. 

But, rather a straightforward use of wordplay that perplexes individuals. 

Folks are perplexed by the riddle due to the extreme way it is presented.

It is a difficult riddle with a good amount of wordplay. The very first line is a speculative scenario. 

  • To start with, this indicates that the amount of eggs is Nil/Zero. 
  • Throughout the second sentence, a thief provides three eggs, totaling three/3. 
  • The third sentence states that a rooster lays eggs, which is an impossibly difficult statement because roosters do not lay eggs.
  • Resulting in zero eggs accumulated from the roosters.
  • Finally, 0+3+0 = 3

Warp up:

While solving any kind of riddle or puzzle, always think differently.

If you think those riddle lines are normal sentences, then you can not solve it or can’t crack the riddle.

Facebook’s favorite “If I Had 4 Eggs” riddle is one of that kind.

Hope you like the detailed question and answer to the if I had 4 eggs riddle.

Furthermore, if you still have any confusion regarding this if I had 4 eggs riddle mentioned in the comment section. 

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