‘insecure’ Children In The Cyber World Do You Know

Children and teenagers are being attacked in the cyber world in various ways including bullying.

Speaking to the victims, it is learned that the cybercriminals are using various tactics to steal personal conversations, photos, videos, and other information and then attack with it.

Hello is talking to a teenager who did not want to be named.

He says, “I accepted a friend request from a stranger on Facebook after seeing a lot of mutuals. After which he proposes that I become his brother. It’s a brother-sister relationship between us. Then he tells me various obscene things, I avoid them.” I don’t tell him then he tells me to talk about the free mind. ”

He added, “One of my friends had my Facebook password, logged in to ID and he started harassing me after seeing our conversations. I was devastated. “

Another teenager, who did not want to be named, told Hello, “I play online games. Diamond tops need to be updated to update online games. Diamonds need dollars to top up. I can’t buy it myself. I need online sellers. They have to give me a Facebook password because in the game I have to open with Facebook ID, I change the ID every time I give the password.

“Even then, I was scared. He assured me that nothing would happen to my ID. Suddenly I saw that he had logged in with my ID and posted a bad picture on the ID. All his friends started calling after seeing it. The rest is nothing to say.”

Several risks have emerged digitally, according to a UNICEF online survey performed in 2019. The survey found that 32 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 18 in Bangladesh are victims of cyberbullying and digital harassment. Eighty percent of boys and 44 percent of girls accept strangers’ friendships online. Even a section of survey participants admitted to meeting those online friends directly, risking their safety.

Acting Head of ICT Department, Government PC College, Bagerhat, B.M. Hello, I talked to Mahbubul Alam about this.

“You have to do your best to protect yourself as much as possible, passwords should be protected, date of birth or mobile or simple passwords should not be used. Friends should also be careful in choosing. It is not necessary to give pictures, personal information, current location on Facebook,” he said. Therefore, in the case of disclosure, caution should be exercised so that the security of the user is not threatened. “

Bagerhat Additional Superintendent of Police. Mizanur Rahman told Hello, “Every unit of Bangladesh Police has a cyber monitoring team. If someone is a victim of a cybercrime or a cybercrime has taken place somewhere, legal action is taken as soon as the information comes to our notice. Victims of cybercrime will seek the help of the police as soon as possible without keeping it a secret.

He also spoke to Munjurul Karim, presenter and journalist of ‘Cyber ​​Life’, a public awareness program on cybercrime.

He told Hello, “Currently, cybercrime is taken very seriously by law enforcement agencies. Starting from all the police stations, various units of the police, especially for the last few years, have been working on it in a very serious way for the last one or two years. Throughout this respect, there is a somewhat strict rule. The next move is to see if these are tainted. But first and foremost, you must attend to the concerns of your own consciousness. ”

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