Make Free Calls Online and Text Message: 17 Best Apps & Websites

How Can I Make Free Calls Online? or How to Make Free Calls Online? In our day to day life, we search for better substitutes for nearly everything. We are used to making calls on regular lines which costs us money.

But there are many substitutes to do so which do not cost us anything. All you need is an internet connection to call the whole world. Let’s see the pros and cons of online calling:


  1. It is cost-effective and its data requirements are also very low (1mb/m for calls; 8mb/m for video calling).
  2. An adequate amount of data is required if you want to experience a better quality of sound
  3. It has a huge base of users. So, you can connect to a large number of people.


  1. No emergency calling services.
  2. The audio often fluctuates and sometimes data is received in packets which skips some audio.
  3. It is not that secure.

The covid19 pandemic has paved the way for vast potentialities in this field and with the advent of cheap mobile data rates, this type of call has achieved greater importance.

So, let us see how you can do online calling without paying any additional money. So, How to Make Free Calls Online?

We will begin with top websites and then with apps.

Top Websites to Make Free Calls Online:

1. Spytox – free calls online

This website provides free calls, free SMS, and address lookups by name. It gives every user 3 minutes per call with a daily limit of 3 calls.

If you are thinking that this is a very short time limit then you can use multiple accounts and get 3 minutes again and again. It is available in nearly all countries across the globe.

2. Citrustel

This is totally web-based and is available in both free and paid versions. This website doesn’t need any registrations and supports only VoIP calls.

3. Ievaphone

It supports both android and iOS without any registration. This website works on credits, you get 4 credits at the beginning.

It gives 4 free minutes and the average rate in India is 1 credit per call. It is available in all the countries. Currently, its app is working fine but the website isn’t.

4. We Phone

This website also has an app so you can access that. It asks for no registration. It supports only VoIP calls. In the beginning, you will get 0.2$ credits for free.

5. Poptox

Although this is not that much recommended, you can give it a try. It comes with VoIP calls only and is not available in many countries (its availability is ambiguous). It is totally web-based.

6. Globfone

This is the easiest web-based platform to make internet calls online. You have to go to the website and click-free call, give the necessary information, and there you go.

It supports nearly all types of data sharing from voice calls to file sharing, video calls, and so on.

7. Call2Friends

This is another web based platform but not available in India. It is also much easier to use and does not requires any additional data or files to function.

It supports only VoIP calling. It also comes in both free and paid versions.

Top Apps to Make Free Calls Online:

8. WhatsApp

Pros— This is the most common and preferred messenger app used all over the world. This app will let you call anyone located anywhere.

This app works on both phones as well as computers. Apart from calls you can also do video calls, send text messages, images, videos, and so on.

Cons— You have to register your phone number to use this app. This app doesn’t provide facilities to call non-users. It is frequently involved in data leaks.

9. Google Duo

Pros— This application is widely used for video calls but it also supports normal internet calls. It is 100% free and gives high audio quality.

Cons—You cannot send texts or any other form of messages. This application works with the users only and does not provide the facility to call landline numbers.

 10. Facebook Messenger

Pros— This application has a vast user base, so you can call anyone on this platform. It runs on both computers and phones. The calling facility is 100% free.

Cons—Once again you cannot call landline numbers or real phone numbers.

11. Snapchat

Pros— It has also a vast user base and apart from calling you can perform various other tasks which include sending short videos, creating caricatures, sending text messages, live video sessions, etc.

Cons— The only drawback of this app is that you can only call users.

12. Viber

This application is available in India. It gives the facility to call PC to PC or app to app. You can also send messages and videos on this platform. It can also track users from your contact list

There are no significant drawbacks to this application.

13. Telegram

Pros— This app provides a free internet calling service and claims that its calls are end-to-end encrypted. So, from a security point of view, this app is highly recommended. You can also send all types of messages on this platform.

Cons— You cannot call non-users from this app.

14. Skype

Pros— This is widely used for cross-country meetings. It functions on nearly every platform. You can even call the non-users through this app.

Cons— Additional payment is required to call the non-users.

Now, we have discussed the apps which are available in India but there are also many better apps, but they are not available in India. So, let’s have a look at those apps:

15. Google voice

This app works on both computers and mobile phones. It includes voicemail and comes in handy for business meetings.

16. Text Now

This is available as a website and as well as an app. You can also send text messages, photos, drawings, emoticons, etc.

You cannot talk to a non-user for free i.e. you have to earn redeemable points or pay money for doing so.

17. Text Free

This app is 100% free. You can easily talk even with non-users by watching ads.

The only drawback is that your account will be deactivated if you don’t use this app for more than 30 days.

So, we have covered everything which you needed to know about Make Free Calls Online.

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