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Are you looking for but you see that the website is temporarily down. Want the browse similar website?

Don’t worry, we have discovered some wonderful alternative websites of

In this post, we will address some similar websites like the mangago website.

Besides, I’ll demonstrate to you several other pages that people can use rather than mangago.

The issue is that manga go has been declining for some period.

It normally goes down and afterward comes right back up.

However, for the time being, mangago does not seem to be returning.

On their homepage, they state that the downtime will last numerous days, however, that they’ll be back shortly.

So, for the time being, manga fans don’t know when mangago. me will return.

We don’t know if it will be several days or several months at this moment.

List of the Best 4 Similar Websites of

Mangago is a great website, and many people, like myself, use it.

However, while you’re on your own, we’ll need some additional pages.

So I’m going to show you some other websites that you can use instead of Mangago.

But, let’s take a look at the sides.


The first website that is going to come up is going to be Bato.To. 

Bato is a great manga site, it has been around for some time and a fan-favorite alternative best website for magago. me.

When you get to the site, you will see the popular updates right off the top.

So, you can select from those. If you scroll down, you’ll see the latest releases.

You also can just scroll down and scroll down and you can click load more.

And this will load up more and more for you.

One thing I love about the website guys is that you can choose manga in different languages.

So, as you can find, if you look closely, a lot of these mangas are in different languages.

You should search for manga in your language if you speak a foreign tongue.

And, you can go to settings and pick the language there.

Besides, you can alter the template from the settings page

you have like, the latest and you have the Browse section.

Moreover, you also like the search section.

So, if you want to search for manga very easily, you can go ahead and just use the search.

Search on
Search on

And, the search will bring up all of that manga for you.

Also, when the manga comes up, as you can see, some of them are in a different language.

So, you can use that to find manga for a different language.

As you can see all of the load up and if you click on it, you will see the chapters, which is a lot of chapters for this one.

And as you can find, all of the chapters are here. search results search results

So basically, that’s it for Bato.To guys.

You can use Bato.To find any manga that you want. 

Let’s jump over to the next website.


Let’s jump into Manga4Life one of the best similar websites of mangago. me and because we love the manga for life.

The admin suggestion will be the first stuff you see when you arrive.


So, you can look at the manga if you want, or you can just go down a little bit more, and you will see the hot updates.

As you can notice these are amongst the most popular manga, and you can learn more about them by clicking on More.

And, this will load up even more for you as you can see.

So, all you have to do now is scroll down and look at the most famous ones

Or, if you’re not seeing the manga that you want to look for, you can always go back to the Home page.

There are more filtering options there, you can see the hot this month.

You can click on that if you want or you can scroll down a little bit more, you’ll see the latest chapters.

So, these are manga that got recently updated.

Many of them are brand latest and you can find several by scrolling down.

And this will show you more hot manga this month. 

Besides, you get a lot of filtering options.

Search on Manga4Life
Search on Manga4Life

You can sort alphabetically by a to z or z to a recently released chapter, those kinds of stuff.

So, you can just basically go through what you can do like the genre. 

If you want action, you can sort by action. 

Select Action Category Manga4Life
Select Action Category Manga4Life

You can do the sort by official translation or any oral translation.

If you just want the actual translations on you can do that.

Or, if you don’t care you can select any I was going to go back to actual translations.

You can scan status, those kinds of stuff as you can see guys make many friends here in Manga4life.

You can also do the directory and this will load up the manga again in alphabetical order.

Search Results Manga4Life
Search Results Manga4Life

You can select the letters and search for the manga here.

And, visitors can also search for manga using the search bar.

You can use the search and this will bring up the matching manga that you search for. 

One Piece
One Piece

Once I start to type the manga just comes up once it matches that criteria.

So, that’s it for manga4life guys, let’s jump over to the next website.


Tenmanga guys, you will be reading 10s and 10s of 1000s of manga and can feel the same taste of mangago. me.

When you get here as more of the popular manga is listed here.

And, it’s currently on the hot update, you can select the new manga.

You want to look for some fresh manga that can go over to Hot or you can even do the complete scroll down.


You’ll see the latest updates and on the side, you have the top manga.

Also, as you can see you can click manga from there you can just scroll down and for the ones that you want to look for.

Top Mangas in Tenmanga
Top Mangas in Tenmanga

You can select the latest in the menu. And this will bring it up in a view for you which shows you many of the manga.

And you can scroll down and you will see more and more of them. 

Well, you can also do it so this will also give you more filtering options, you can do the Hot manga.

And, this will list the new manga for you, you can do category. 

Moreover, from the category, you can select a letter, or you can just click on the genre such as action.

Category Instruction in Tenmanga
Category Instruction in Tenmanga

These will load the action manga for you, you can do surprise and just get a random manga if you want.

I’m not going to show you Tenmanga’s features which will surprise you right now.

And, definitely what you can also do is use the search bar.

If you want to just search for a manga real quick, you can just go ahead and use the search bar.

So, that’s it for tenmanga. Guys, let’s jump over to the next manga website.

Comick is an alternative site of mangago. me that gives you many options when it comes to manga.

They have a huge library, when you get to the site, you will be seeing the trending manga, you can just go through it if you want.

Visitors can choose from three, seven, or even a month of trending options

Moreover, you can scroll down more and you will see the latest updates.

And, as anyone can notice there are a lot of mangas.

There are many on the sidebar you have the new are the hot new comics, you can also filter by demographic.

Hot New Comics in
Hot New Comics in

So, if you want to do comics only for males or comics only for females, or if you just want to leave the option on for both.

You can do that, you click the filter and option you can also select some more options.

So, you can see manga to be released in 36 months, or you can just do it all the time.

If you want that will sort of show you all of the manga.

As you can see, on the ratings. 

You can see on the side, what I like to do is write a slick genre, which is like the era of a lot of manga for you.

Another thing I like about these fellows is that you can choose from a variety of languages.

So, if you speak a different language, you can look for manga in that language, you can just go to the language section here.

As you can notice there are a plethora of languages here.

It’s currently set to all languages, I can say I want English but I’m not going to select English.

If you want Brazilian or Portuguese, which is their language. 

What you can also look for is that it shows you a percentage right here.

So, it tells you that 18% of the Mongols are in Portuguese.

If I click on Portuguese, and if I go back home, what is going to happen now as you can see.

I’m starting to get manga in Portuguese, which is the Brazilian language.

And I can go back to language from here, this little option right here.

And if I want to polish, I can do the same and it tells me that they’re 51,220 manga in Polish.

I’m not sure why it shows some in percentage and some in numbers.

And, I’m thinking that the winning percentage is much larger, so you have more manga orders.

If I want manga in French, I can also do that and I can just go back home

And, it will show me both French and because that’s love those languages selected.

You can go ahead guys under select the language of your choice. 

It’s advantageous if you can communicate in more than one language.

I’m just gonna set it back to all languages and this will filter the manga by all languages.

It gives a preference to English and just as you can see because English is the most popular.

And, English has the most manga. You can also change the key. 

If you prefer a light look you can change the theme and as you can see you get a much lighter, cleaner feel of the site. 

And you can use the search function when you’re not seeing an anime.

search one piece in comick
search one piece in comick

It’s live search guys so once you start to search it brings up the options for you.

So, it’s very easy guys and it gives you a lot of options when you’re selecting a manga based on the language.

That is why I enjoy this website, as I am conscious that not everyone speaks English.

And you’re not an English speaker, you want to find manga that is in a different language, and communique makes it very very easy.

Guys, that’s it until mangago comes back.

You should be able to find all of the manga that you want.

And, also know some additional new manga sites which might give you some additional features.

So that’s all for this particular person. I assume it proves to be beneficial to you.

Final Thoughts:

After reading our mangago. me website alternative suggestion hope you will be happy.

Because now you have 4 new websites like mangago and you don’t have to worry about mangago for enjoying your favorite manga.

I assume you enjoy our article on the list of the best 4 similar websites of mangago. Me.

If you still have any queries regarding the alternative website of mention those in the comment section.

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