What Do We Call Mosambi In English? Best Answer

Mosambi In English = Sweet Lime Or Sweet Lemon. The English term ‘sweet lime or sweet lemon’ is commonly used to describe Mosambi. There are several varieties of this fruit. Citrus limetta is the botanical name for it.

How Do We Say Mosambi In English?

Mosambi = Sweet Lime Or Sweet Lemon

Mosambi means Sweet Lime Or Sweet Lemon, A very popular fruit worldwide, especially in the USA, India, Russia & China.

And Mosambi has so many health benefits. People like to drink mosambi juice for their breakfast. In this article, we write detailed information on Mosambi In English. 

How does Mosambi juice affect us if we drink it daily?

In addition to preventing digestion issues like irregular bowel movements, indigestion, and gastric issues, mosambi juice also boosts the immune system. 

Additionally, it assists in the removal of toxins that cause constipation. Your juice can be treated with a pinch of salt if you suffer from digestive disorders.

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When should Mosambi juice be consumed?

It is recommended that you drink mosambi juice with amla juice and honey first thing in the morning for the best results. 

Drinking lime juice can alleviate ulcers, which is one of the most significant health benefits.

How does Mosambi juice help you lose weight?

The mild-flavored Mosambi might not be as well known as other citrus family members, but it helps slim down. 

Mosambi juice is next best to lemon for helping with weight loss, according to health experts. 

Add a glass of this yellow nectar to your healthy eating plan if you want to see results faster.

Citric acid is found in Mosambi, which helps to curb the desire for unhealthy foods. 

Additionally, Mosambi juice has a low-calorie count, which makes it perfect for keeping a healthy weight. 

You will understand why you should drink more Mosambi juice once you read its benefits!

Here are five reasons why Mosambi juice is good for you

1. Mosambi juice makes you feel full

Thanks to its citric acid content, Mosambi is known for curbing your midnight raids on the refrigerator. Furthermore, citric acid boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat, as reported by Science Daily.

2. It contains few calories

Mosambi juice has 31 calories in a cup (200ml). As such, it makes an excellent snack between meals and a delicious way to quench your thirst without feeling guilty.

3. Lose fat faster with Mosambi juice

Aside from fighting colds and coughs, vitamin C in sweet lime also helps burn fat. 

According to research published in the American College of Nutrition Journal, participants with sufficient vitamin C oxidize 30 percent faster during workouts than those with an insufficient amount.

4. It gives you energy

You feel full after drinking sweet lime juice because it is high in water and fiber. Mosambi juice should not be strained as it is high in fiber. You will not only receive enough fiber for your daily needs but you will also be satisfied for a long time afterward. 

To avoid quickly getting tired during workouts, fitness coaches prescribe a 20 ml shot of Mosambi juice before each workout. Consequently, you will be able to exercise for longer periods and burn more calories.

5. Removes toxins from the body

By consuming sweet lime, toxins are removed from the body. Consequently, it boosts organ function and aids fat burning.

Can Mosambi juice help you lose weight?

Mosambi juice is not a fat burner that you should start drinking in excess just because it is fat burning. 

Drinking more than two glasses of Mosambi juice a day is not recommended. Mosambi juice should be freshly squeezed without sugar or straining, according to experts. 

Fiber contributes to satiety, which is an important part of weight management.

Mosambi is flooding the market, but make sure that you buy ripe limes without yellow spots. 

Juice is best made with heavy, firm, and thin fruits. If you want to make your drink tastier, you can add chaat masala or black salt.

Homemade Mosambi Juice: How to make it?

Indians drink Mosambi juice as a typical drink. If you keep Mosambi juice for a long period, it will turn bitter.

The ingredients are:

  • Mosambi peeled and chopped into 6-7 pieces
  • Add black salt as needed
  • Cumin powder roasted as necessary
  • As per taste, make chaat masala


  • Juice the sweet limes using an electric juicer. Use the juice feeder to feed the pieces to the juicer.
  • Put some ice cubes in glasses of Mosambi juice
  • Serve with roasted cumin powder and black salt

Is juice safe to drink every day?

Essentially, you can drink as much juice as you like, but it only counts as one serving a day because the juice is devoid of fiber found in whole fruit and vegetables. 

A limitation of 150ml of fruit juice per day is also recommended due to its high sugar content.

Is there a juice I should drink every day?

Here are the 10 healthiest types of juice:

  • Cranberry. With its tart taste and bright red color, cranberry juice offers a variety of health benefits.
  • Tomatoes. The juice of tomatoes can be enjoyed on its own or as a key ingredient in Bloody Marys.
  • Beet.
  • Apple.
  • Mint Lemon
  • Prune.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Acai berry.
  • Orange.

How should I start my day with the healthiest drink?

Change how you drink your water in the morning.

It is beneficial to drink at least two cups of water first thing in the morning.

In addition to providing immune-boosting vitamin C, lemon water also contains about a fourth of your daily vitamin C requirement in just 1 ounce of lemon juice.

What are some healthy breakfast drinks?

In addition to detoxifying livers and balancing blood sugar levels, it promotes well-being and is a fantastic way to begin each day.

  • Tea Schizandra
  • Herbal tea with Ginseng
  • Juice from Pomegranates
  • Tea made with Reishi mushrooms
  • Green tea, matcha
  • A cup of licorice tea
  • Tea/Chai
  • Lemon water with warm water

What are the differences between oranges, keenus, and sweet limes?

Vitamin C and antioxidants are abundant in oranges. It’s plentiful during the winter months, but you can also find it during this season. 

This energy-filled fruit comes in various colors and varieties, and some of them are difficult to distinguish from each other. 

There is a rumor that orange is not a wild fruit but rather has a convoluted history. Historians believe citrus to be a hybrid fruit created from pomelo and mandarin. 

Clementine seeds were believed to have been acquired through the war in the ancient world, which resulted in the development of citrus cultivation techniques and technology.

Indian orange varieties

There are various types of oranges grown in India, depending on the exterior and sweetness of the citrus fruit. 

There are 1505 known citrus fruit varieties in India, according to the website of India’s National Research Centre for Citrus in Nagpur. 

Kinnow, or keenu, as well as sweet lime, called Mosambi, are a few varieties.

What is Mosambi

Tropical and subtropical climates are suitable for growing citrus limetta, also known as sweet lime. With a mildly sweet taste, it is often eaten with black salt, and it is one of the easiest citrus varieties available.

Kinnow/keenu – what is it?

Citrus with a high juice content, which is a hybrid of King and Willow Leaf oranges.

Difference in color

A mosambi is mainly green in color, and a keenu is orange to orange green in color, so you can readily see the difference with your naked eyes. An orange is yellow or orange tones.


In terms of nutrition, it isn’t easy to compare the three kinds of citrus. Vitamin C and antioxidants are more abundant in oranges than in the other two fruits. Mosambi and Keenu have the same nutritional value.


The high yield of oranges makes them more expensive than keenu and mosambi. In terms of price, mosambi are the least expensive.


Mosambi juice contains dietary fiber, Vitamin C, calcium, and potassium, which are essential nutrients. 

Mosambi pulp contains the primary nutrients, so you should not discard them. 

Mosambi juice is also an excellent source of fiber, which contributes to weight loss. 

Before your workout, sip 20 ml of Mosambi juice 20 ml for more energy and rapid weight loss.

Hope you like Our article on Mosambi In English. If you still have some questions or queries regarding Mosambi In English, mention those in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Mosambi juice have to be consumed daily?

The juice of sweet lime can boost blood circulation and help organs and parameters function properly. Blood circulation is accelerated, keeping your body, and mind healthy at all times.

Is Mosambi juice associated with any side effects?

If consumed in excess, this fruit can cause digestive problems, including nausea and vomiting. After eating this fruit, you should brush your teeth to avoid cavities. The acid content in these fruits can wear away enamel and cause cavities.

During the night, can I drink Mosambi juice?

Having fruit before going to bed can cause your body to release a lot of sugar, making you feel energetic when your body should be resting and slowing down.

What is the reason for the bitter taste of Mosambi juice?

There is a chemical process referred to as enzymatic bittering. The limonin precursor chemicals do not make the juice bitter in fresh juice, but enzymes will convert it into bitter limonin if exposed to air. For this reason, Mosambi juice must always be consumed fresh.

What is the benefit of Mosambi juice for the skin?

The presence of vitamins and minerals in Mosambi juice makes it an ideal beverage for skincare. The antioxidants, antibiotics, and disinfectants in it rejuvenate the skin, protecting it against infections.

Is Mosambi juice okay to be consumed at night?

That act will negatively impact your digestive system. You shouldn’t drink fruit juice and eat fruit right before bedtime. If eaten before bedtime, fruit releases a lot of sugar, making you feel energized when you should be sleeping.

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