Online Jobs For Students: 10 Best Beginners Work Opportunity

Online Jobs For Students: An online job can be done from anywhere. With a computer or laptop and an internet connection, you can earn a little extra pocket money or an amount that is enough to live your life.

Internet not only gave the facility to transfer files, messages, listening songs, and watching movies but it also made a huge platform for people to earn a living.

All the things that we are seeing on the internet are actually controlled and developed by a huge number of people. All these people are giving facilities, services, and entertainment while earning from it.

Students are now using the online platform to get a part time job to earn some money. Some of them turning their part-time into full-time jobs and some are using this online place to start their own business and become creative.

Here Are The 10 Best Online Jobs For Students:

We Picked The Best And Trending Online Jobs For Students. All the online jobs are very perfect in this pandemic situation for girls and boys.

1. Online Tutor

If you are a student who has a good understanding of your studies and has a good interpretation ability then tutoring online will be the best job for you. This is one of the Online Jobs For Students.

Because it is going to help you in your studies in the meantime helping you developing a lot of skills that are going to become assets in your future.

There are a lot of people around you who are having difficulties understanding their subjects, if you are knowledgeable in the subject you can help him/her and it doesn’t have to be someone who is in the class as you.

You can also tutor students who are in elementary or high school. By doing that you are making a strong basic knowledge that will help you understand your subjects much more easily.

You don’t have to be knowledgeable in all subjects to become a tutor. Only one subject is enough and we all know, that everyone has a favorite subject that they understand easily.

Just like “someone’s trash is someone’s treasure” someone’s favorite subject might be someone’s most hated subject and the reason could be he/she finds that subject difficult to understand.

If you interpret the difficult subjects in an easy way that subject might become their favorite one.

If we go with the payment, according to our research an online tutor gets $10-$20 per hour in the US

And here are some websites where you can apply:  Tutor, Wyzant

2. Virtual Assistant

In simple words, a Virtual Assistant is someone who assists the boss, president, manager, or administrator in their daily tasks.

In detail, they are like the assistant that you see in the movies, dramas where they work in the office scheduling meetings, taking phone calls, making reports.

And other tasks, but virtual assistant does all these administrative tasks from a remote place like their home.

As a virtual assistant, what kind of work you will get depends on the nature of the business and the contract you will sign.

In this job you might be tasked to do like scheduling meetings, taking phone calls, sending emails, making reports.

Or if you are an experienced one or have skills in a field you might be tasked to do bookkeeping, making presentations, writing articles, or blogging.

To start working as a virtual assistant, there is not a specific requirement. But having a high-level education and certificate or training in a virtual assistant is a plus point to get a job.

But some of the things that are important to have are good tech-related skills, communication skills, and able to do multitasking.

If we go with the payment, in here, you might be paid hourly or for a specific task. As we know it is $10-$27 per hour in the US. It’s another best Online Jobs For Students.

And here are some websites where you can apply: Peopleperhour, VA Networking, Zirtual

3. Search engine Optimizer

In this job, you are going to help the search engine to work more efficiently. There are a lot of websites that contain the same type of content or information as the article I am writing now.

There are a lot of articles just like mine on different websites, but not all of them are correct. Some of them are incorrect, contains false information. Search engines cannot catch the wrong information all the time.

Whenever you search for something, search engines go through all the web pages that have similar information and then rank them and show them to you.

But because it is a program or machine it cannot identify what is correct or incorrect it might sometimes show you false information or irrelevant information.

To make it correct and make it work more efficiently search engine optimizers are needed.

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Search engine evaluators examine the search results, if they find problems they give feedback and help the search engines by ranking the contents.

Which helps the search engines to provide accurate, correct, and relevant content and information.

In this field, you need some skills some of which you might have and some you need to develop.

Like, need to know about current events, skilled in tech, research, a language which might differ according to projects.

 As for earning, you can earn $12-$15 per hour.

This is a very perfect Online Jobs For Students. Here are some websites where you can apply: Appen

4. Data entry

As the title says, you are going to work with a lot of data. Data entry job is getting popular and a lot of students are doing this work besides their studies and that’s why we picked it on this best Online Jobs For Students list.

In here your work is to record data and report or provide the data to your client. You might be given raw data or make you join meetings to take notes, make a salary sheet.

You might also need to collect data from different departments of the firm. After getting the data you have to organize all the data in a way to make it easily understandable.

To do this job you need fast typing skills, good knowledge about computer and language, good interpretation and communication skill. In a data entry job, you have to know about Microsoft Office mostly Excel.

As for the payment, an online data entry job gives $10-$20 per hour

And here are some websites where you can apply: clickworker

5. Audio and Video Transcriptionist and Captioning

First, Audio transcription, in here the transcriptionist listens to the audio and writes down everything that he/she hear or listen.

There are a lot of organizations like news channels or papers, businesses that use transcriptionists to transcript audio of an interview or a meeting.

Those students who have good hearing skills and are good at typing can do this job.

As for earnings you can earn $15-$25 per hour

Second, Video captioning also falls into the transcription field. Just like audio, in here, transcriptionists write down things that they hear from the audio of the video.

But it needs a little bit more skills than audio transcription. You might need to know other languages and sometimes you have to use words to express some moments, noise, or feelings.

For example, YouTube video caption, movies with subtitle those subtitles, and captions are the things that fall in video captioning. Others fall in video captioning which requires more experience.

It also requires good hearing and typing skills.

As for the earnings, video captioners are paid in minutes. So, they get about $0.40-$0.75 per minute. Very easy and one of the top Online Jobs For Students you can say!

6. Content Writer

Now we will be going with works that require a certain amount of creativity.

At first, Content writing. For students, it will be a knowledge broadening job. To be a content writer he/she needs to conduct a lot of research on a topic.

Then they need to know to write it in a way so that everyone understands that easily. You will see a lot of articles just like this one that you are reading so you have to know to write it in a way that it stands out among others and have the ability to attract people.

It might look a little bit hard but if you like writing and you are passionate about it then it will be a good job for you. You can also learn or develop your writing skills to work as content writer.

A content writer not only writes for his own blog or website they also write articles, blogs, scripts for videos, social media posts for others that could be an individual or an organization.

By content writing, you can also do some affiliate marketing or drop shipping. Now the demand for content writers is increasing in the marketing field.

A content writer earns from his own blog or websites and by writing content for someone else in exchange for money.

In the US, someone can earn $15-$25 by writing content.

And here are some websites of Online Jobs For Students where you can apply: Guru, iwriter, the writer finder

7. Social media manager

Social media can be used to earn money too. Almost all people use social media websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest.

These social media websites are the best place for businesses to market their brand names.

Because a lot of people engage with these websites every day, businesses use these platforms to promote and maintain their brands do many campaigns engage with people to attract them.

But they need people to do these. Now comes the work for social media managers. They handle social media marketing.

As a student, you can also do this. If you are popular in social media have great knowledge about social media and have a lot of followers or have the ability to influence a certain amount of people or community you can work as a social media manager.

For example, you will see many YouTubers or Instagram models are sometimes promoting products from different brands telling you to buy or visit those websites, you can say that is social media marketing.

You can earn $10-$25 per hour because this is a easiest Online Jobs For Students and biginners.

8. Photo/ Video editing

If you are good at taking photos and know how to edit them then you can do some photo editing jobs. Photo editors are in demand now.

 There are a lot of social media models who need photo editors to make their photos attractive or cool, beautiful. Not only that there are lots of photo studios and businesses that hire online photo editors.

You can earn by editing other people’s photos, again you can also sell your own photos on the internet by editing them.

You can earn $20-$30 per hour or you can charge per photo $30-$150

Video editor demand is much more than a photo editor. You will see right now, whatever we search on the internet we will find a video on YouTube. Now we see many videos on social media too.

Video is now a popular medium on the internet. The number of video on the internet is increasing and so do the demand for video editors.

With some creativity and editing skill, you can work in this video editing field. You can edit other people’s videos or you can make your own video and by editing it in a cool video you can from that too by uploading that on YouTube.

As for earnings you can earn $20-$45 per hour and this is a smart Online Jobs For Students.

9. Translation

If you know multiple languages then you can do some translating job. You can translate a book, Manga, Comic, article, documents, and many other things.

Because of the internet, people from every country are connected now. But there is a language problem and because of that translators are in great demand now.

As a student not only it’s going to help you improve your 2nd or 3rd language it will also help you broaden your knowledge about the culture of other countries. You can also learn other languages and do this job.

A translator earns about $25-$45 per hour

And here are some Online Jobs For Students, go to the websites & apply: Guru

10. YouTube

At last, we have YouTube. Almost everything can be found on YouTube. YouTube is like a search engine but whatever you search in it you will find videos as a result.

You can find any kinds of videos on YouTube from a tutorial to a Full movie. A lot can be earned from this platform.

To start a YouTube channel all you need is an email account. After starting, you need to select a niche or topic to make videos.

You can make tutorials, Unboxing, prank, funny, compilation, or motivational videos or you can make gaming, crafting videos. You can make something new that no one ever made before.

If you have good content and have great presentation skills you can start now. With good video editing skills, you can make your video more interesting if you don’t know to edit you can hire someone to do the editing for you.

To earn from YouTube, you need views. If you start getting a huge amount of views your earning starts there and then you can also earn if you can get some sponsorship. It’s a trending and very perfect option for “Online Jobs For Students”.

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