Parents should not Do Some Mistakes In Front Of The Child 2021

Children tend to imitate. Seeing what parents do; Children try to do the same. That is why every parent should talk and use in front of the child.

A mother or father wishes for their child to grow positive behaviors. Since the family is the child’s primary school, how will the child behave when it is up to the parents?

Various studies have shown that family conflicts hinder a child’s mental development. Also if the parents use bad words or misbehave well with others; Then it also affects the baby. 

As a result, any mother or father should understand that no activity should be performed in front of their kids.

>> Use very less phone and TV in front of a baby. This will also keep your child away from gadgets. If the child sees you busy on the TV or phone all day; Then he will also adopt this habit. Then you can’t reduce your child’s love for gadgets even after thousands of attempts.

>> Never make fun of someone in front of a boy. This bad behavior would harm the baby. Never shout at anyone in front of the baby. As a result, children will learn to speak insultingly to people just like you.

>> Never waste in front of the baby. Especially do not waste food. Always try to explain to the child how important food is in human life. So do not waste food yourself.

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>> Maintain politeness with everyone in front of the baby. This practice is not only good for you, but this is also beneficial for your kid’s coming years. Husbands and wives should be polite if they have children around.

>> Husband and wife should never try to be close in front of the child. Refrain from doing any such thing; Which has a bad effect on the baby.

>> Never shout in front of the baby. Even if you are angry, control your mood in front of your child. If you do; Then your child will talk to everyone in the same way.

>> Never teach the child the difference between small-big, poor-rich, black-fair, girl-boy, etc. 

If children learn these differences from the family; Even if he grows up, the effect remains in his mind.

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