RDR2 Panoramic Map & Location Tutorial With Video [Solved]

RDR2 Panoramic Map is one of the four most fan-favorite treasure hunting mysterious maps of Red Dead Redemption 2.

From Panoramic Map RDR2, if you want to obtain the hidden treasure you must discover its location.

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 or RDR2  video game is one of their biggest successful releases.

Following open-world game GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2 was by far the most successful and popular Rockstar game.

Panoramic Map
Panoramic Map

In recent times, gamers have been demanding more queries about the game.

And, gamers newly acquired more about Red Dead Redemption 2 hidden treasure maps.

As a result, to assist them, we have mentioned all of the knowledge we have had on the subject.

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There seem to be four Red Dead Redemption 2 treasure maps in whole but panoramic map rdr2 is a fan favorite.

And, these maps essentially grant the gamer direct exposure to a hidden treasure.

These Red Dead Redemption 2 hidden treasure maps guide gamers to gold bars that have also been held back by criminals. 

To assist you, we have mentioned panoramic map Red Dead Redemption 2 hidden treasure maps straight below

The Location of RDR2 Panoramic Map:

The Red Dead Redemption 2/RDR2 Panoramic Map can be discovered in the Grizzly Hills throughout a Spontaneous Experience.

And, it is probably one of the most fascinating unanswered puzzles in Red Dead 2.

Panoramic Map in Hand
Panoramic Map in Hand

A corpse might arise on the map, leading you to something like a couple of freezing colonists.

To locate the very first part of the puzzle, take the hidden treasure map from their hands.

Panoramic Map on paper
Map On Paper
Panoramic top on hill
Panoramic top on hill
Panoramic Hill Side
Panoramic Hill Side

The map appears to refer to a location on the northern side of Strawberry, close to the top of Mt. Shan.

And, the outlines each refer to white markings on the map that corresponds to the game’s main cities.

Like, Saint-Denis, Blackwater, Valentine, Rhodes, and Strawberry, from left to right.

Panoramic stone markings
Panoramic stone markings

You may hop along with a tiny opening on a higher ridge just under the mountain range southwest summit.

To meet what seems to be some other collection of identical indications.

Red Dead Redemption 2' map
Red Dead Redemption 2′ map

The position identified by all these marks is still unknown.

Besides, the symbols are very similar to the Giant Skull and the location in which one of the world’s second UFOs can be seen.

Stone Marks
Stone Marks

A rock with symbols can sometimes be located near the mountain’s southeastern core.

Two alien beings, a diamond moon lightning, four triangles, and also some tiny sticking type persons tend to be represented in the symbols.

Final Thoughts:

Red Dead Redemption 2’s universe is simply astounding.

The Panoramic Map, which depicts various locations across the planet as seen from Mount Shann, is among the most mysterious phenomena.

The precise meaning of the map is still to be decided, however, the drama surrounding it has piqued the interest of several folks.

The Panoramic Map can be found in Ambarino’s freezing area around Polter.

To just get the perfect location, take the northeastern route out of Polter and more towards Adler Ranch.

There seems to be a campsite all along the street, and gamers are seeing two Xs appearing on their radar.

Once you reach the tent, you’ll notice two freezing corpses beside a shelter.

There is something that gamers can play within the hands of the corpses.

When you communicate with the object, you will obtain the Panoramic Map.

Well, then what was the Panoramic Map’s importance?

And, Panoramic Map continues to be observed for the time being.

We’re learning that this has something to do with Mount Shann.

And therefore it demonstrates a range of areas from such a vantage position.

Since there are several intriguing items on Mount Shann’s painting, UFO sight, including dial.

Panoramic map rdr2 seems to be linked to a much greater puzzle.

Hope you like our blog post on the location of panoramic map rdr2. 

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RDR2 Panoramic Map Video Tutorial:

YouTube Channel: Strange Man

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