Romanian Leather Trader’s Shoes To Maintain Social Distance

In mid-May, after a two-month lockdown to prevent coronavirus infection in Romania, a Romanian leather trader noticed that people were not following the rules of social distance.

So the man named Gregor Loop is thinking of a kind of shoe to protect the social distance.

In a recent report published in Reuters, he introduced the concept of a new type of leather shoe with a long nose and took steps to create it. The size of this type of shoe in Europe is 75.

“You can see on the streets that people don’t respect the rules of social distance,” said Loop, who has been making leather shoes for 39 years.

“I went to the market to buy saplings for my garden. There weren’t a whole lot of individuals there, however, those who were all very near,” he added.

Loop thinks that if those special shoes were on the feet, there would be a distance of about one and a half meters between the two people standing face to face.

Loop made a living by making shoes. There are lots of orders for shoes coming for theaters, art halls, and traditional dances. However, his business has come to a standstill due to the cancellation of all programs due to the coronavirus epidemic. However, he hopes that he will be able to bring his business back to its former glory with the help of this new social distance.

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