RTC Connecting Discord No Route, How To Fix It? [FIXED]

Discord lovers don’t worry we have the best solution for RTC connecting discord no route problem.

We find the best 7 methods to solve this RTC connecting error.

But, firstly for new Discord users, we must know what a Discord Application is.

Discord is an information and communication platform that facilitates video calling, audio conversation, and messaging app. 

Discord is an unlimited provider often used by video game players to talk individually or collectively of close to ten game buddies. You can download the discord for windows or mac or use it via a browser.

Why does the RTC Connecting Discord Stuck No Route problem occur?

RTC Connecting Discord No Route is stuck for the bad connection link due to issues with the discord server that you won’t be permitted to transfer through the connecting window.

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How Do I Fix RTC Connecting Discord Stuck No Route On Startup?

Here are some steps on how we can fix rtc Connecting Discord Stuck No Route On Startup problem, 

  • To start the Run dialog command box; Press Windows Key + R.
  • Input “%appdata%” and select the ALRIGHT icon.
  • Search the Discord Folder, right-click on this folder, and Delete it.
  • Reboot your Computer and your Discord application will be opened on startup automatically.

Fixing methods of RTC Connecting Discord No Route server problem:

The RTC connecting no route discord server is one of the common issues faced by Discord users, especially gamers.

But, don’t worry we will provide you the best rtc connecting no route discord server problem 7 effective solutions, and a step-by-step full guide.

So please try these methods to solve the rtc connecting no route discord server problem,

Method 1: Make Automatic The Settings Of Operating System Date & Time

Almost always people fall short to set their Operating System time and date settings to automatic, which can trigger discord connection issues to Windows7/10 or MacBook.

So, How To Set Automatic Windows Time And Date Settings:

  • Quit the Discord app by pressing the Show hidden apps icon at the lower right corner of the taskbar
  • Right-click the Discord icon and choose Quit Discord
  • Push the Windows key and write “Change Date” inside this Start menu search bar
  • Select to change the date and time of the search outcome
  • Ensured both Set the time automatically plus Set time zone automatically select On
  • Start Discord app and, if there is even now an issue, pursue the second solution

Method 2: Switch Off Proxy Server To Fix Discord RTC Connecting No Route

Switching off your proxy server has started working for several Discord users. 

Since RTC connecting discord no route server issues to android mobile or iPhone(iOS) and also desktop PC may be triggered by proxy settings.

So, How To Switch Off Proxy Server:

  • Press the Windows key + I 
  • Tap on the Network & Internet
  • Through the left Window panel, choose Proxy
  • Scroll to the bottom and disable Use A Proxy Server
  • Start Discord app without discord not working  error

Method 3: Run An Antivirus Or Malware Deep Scan

It is highly recommended to run malware and vulnerability scans daily to keep you secure from any sensitive issues.

Numerous different malware or antivirus scanners, such as Avast, Avira, Malwarebytes, and Malware Fox, can perform a complete search. 

You may also attempt to search vulnerabilities using Windows Defender, Kaspersky antivirus, etc.

Method 4: Change DNS Server Address Settings To Fix Discord Connecting Not Working Issues

Changing the DNS Server Address will fix the problem if the above solution doesn’t support you.

This change will allow discord to create a safe connection link. Now let’s know How to change DNS Server Address:

  • Hold Windows Key + R to launch the Run Dialog Box
  • Write “ncpa.cpl” and then hit Enter
  • Right-click the Internet connection link you currently accessing and select Properties
  • Double click the option “Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4)”
  • Select the second option “Use the following DNS server address”
  • Change Preferred DNS Server input to “”
  • Change Alternate DNS Server input to “”
  • Select OK to save your given settings
  • Start Discord without any discord connecting not working issues
  • Consider trying “” and “” if the numbers do not work to repair discord stuck on a connecting problem.

Method 5: Allow Discord Application via Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall also blocks Discord from connecting to the server and it can be a cause of the RTC connecting discord no route problem. 

So, now let’s ensure that Discord is authorized in the Firewall and How to allow discord app through the Windows firewall:

  • Click start menu Windows key and type in Search Bar Windows Defender Firewall
  • Select Windows Defender Firewall With Advanced Security
  • Then a new page will open
  • Right Side of the new page select New Rule
  • Click Program
  • Then Select Next
  • On the following page, click Browse within the Program Path option
  • Provide the installed storage location for the Discord app
  • The system default location will be C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Discord
  • Searching the Update.exe file and Double click on this application
  • Click the Next button and Choose to Allow this Connection
  • Click the Next button, select from Pop boxes for Domain, Private and Public
  • Then, click the Next button
  • Now, rename it as Discord
  • Select click to Finish
  • Click start menu Windows key and search Windows Firewall
  • Then select the Allowed apps and feature 
  • Now navigate below to ensure the Discord has been selected for the correct network to which you are using
  • In the particular circumstance, you’re not confident, Select both Public and Private
  • Select the Change settings to box upright corner If you would like to make some adjustments

Method 6: Updating Discord Application

People often face problems when they are using outdated Discord applications. 

So, try to update the Discord Application regularly and to achieve the best possible outcome from this software.

There are some simple steps to update the Discord Application of your computer.

So, How to update the Discord Application on Windows:

  • Keep running Discord Application
  • Find Taskbar Discord option
  • You can see an arrow icon on the left bottom corner of the screen
  • From the Arrow menu select Discord and click it
  • Finally, Select the Update Discord app

7. Region Change of Discord Application

If people are the administrator of the Discord server, they can make modifications to the server configuration or, they can request the Discord admin to do otherwise. 

These corrections have to be implemented if they are unable to access the world wide web after they have tested all of the above methods.

Then, this method is also a fix to the rtc connecting discord no route. 

This region change method helps you to try linking to Discord servers situated at various places around the globe.

Able to connect to a server in other regions will help to create a secure connection.

Take the instructions following to do this:

  • In the top-left portion of the Discord panel
  • Right beside your Server Name
  • Click the arrow button on the dropdown list
  • A drop list will be shown, Select Server Setting
  • Select Server Region Region
  • And, Change it

Final Words: 

The discord Application is recently very top-rated and popular for group communication.

We can see that nearly every YouTuber has discord servers, especially gamers and movie reviewers.

But every app has some errors. Discord app isn’t exceptional.

We tried our best 7 methods to fix rtc connecting discord with no route issues and we successfully solved the rtc connecting problem. 

We suggest you try one by one each method if you don’t get the solution for discord stuck on connecting issues.

Let us know which method of fixing rtc connecting discord no route problem, fix your issue.

Video Tutorial On Fixing RTC Connecting Discord No Route Issue:

YouTube Channel: WePC

Yet, if you are not fixed, please contact discord official support here. Thank you.

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