15 Important Symptoms Of Cancer Whether You Have Cancer Or Not

Some common physical problems can also be severe symptoms of cancer. Many people neglect several physical issues, including fever, cold, cough, abdominal pain, fatigue, weight loss.

And so he tries to cure these problems by taking some medicines at hand. Symptoms of cancer can sometimes be confused with common complaints.

Fortunately, if it is detected early, fatal cancer can be cured. Hence the need for more caution and awareness. Then even complex diseases can be easily prevented. 

The 15 most common symptoms of cancer are listed below. 

If they occur, you should take the advice of a doctor without neglecting them.

>> Various problems appear as symptoms of skin cancer. For example, pale skin, new spots, or rashes. In this case, there may be spots on the skin which are somewhat unusual. If you see any such skin, consult a doctor immediately.

>> Lung cancer is commonly characterized by coughing. People who are not smokers also have this symptom. At the same time asthma, gastric problems are also symptoms of lung infection. There may be a blood cough as well, which is a fatal symptom of cancer. If you see this, consult a doctor without delay.

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>> The number of women affected by the disease worldwide is thousands every year. If any breast problem such as pain, nipple change, and fluid comes out, you should seek medical help immediately. He will examine and recommend a mammogram, MRI, or biopsy.

>> Symptoms of pelvic or female genital cancer are pretty standard. Due to this, many patients cannot detect the disease at an early stage. Check for symptoms such as bloating, gastric problems, fatigue, weight loss, back pain, etc.

>> Many men get urinary problems with age. Irritation in urination, frequent urination, etc., are common symptoms of urinary tract problems. However, these should not be taken in general because these symptoms can cause prostate cancer.

>> In the throat, armpits, and several parts of the body have bean-like glands. When these glands become swollen for any reason, you may suffer from a cold or sore throat. These swellings are also caused by some cancers, including lymphoma and leukemia.

>> Bloody stools indicate various health problems. Symptoms of hemorrhoids or colon cancer may include bloody stools. At the same time, blood in the urine can cause urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder cancers.

>> Men should consult a doctor immediately if they see swelling in the testicles—painless swelling or lumps in the testicles but also the most common symptom of testicular cancer. If you ever feel heavy in the lower abdomen or testicles, get tested quickly.

>> Usually cold, gastric problems, or difficulty swallowing while taking medicine. However, if you have difficulty or difficulty swallowing all the time, you can have throat cancer. As a result, the doctor would recommend that a barium X-ray be taken.

>> Women have periods every month as a matter of course. However, symptoms of excessive bleeding without periods during sexual intercourse or for any other reason may be a cause for concern. Cancer of the uterus or vaginal cavity may cause this symptom. If such bleeding occurs even after menopause, consult a doctor immediately.

>> Many people have white, red spots or sores on their face, which they do not want to fertilize easily. Do not neglect such blows, especially if you smoke. Maybe it’s a sign of oral cancer. At the same time, if there is a problem in moving the jaw or there is pain and bad breath in the mouth, then consult a doctor immediately without delay.

>> Suddenly losing a lot of weight is not suitable for your health. It can be an early sign of various cancers, including the pancreas, stomach, esophagus, lungs.

>> Fever appears as the initial symptom of various physical ailments. Some medications have side effects that contribute to it as well. Leukemia and lymphoma can, however, develop as a result of long-term fever.

>> Do you often suffer from indigestion? This is not a common problem. Perhaps stomach cancer is the cause.

>> There is also evidence that excessive fatigue indicates cancer. Fatigue is an early symptom of cancers like leukemia. Patients with colon or stomach cancer also feel very tired. So if you do not let go of fatigue for a long time, consult a doctor immediately.

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Source: Web MD

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