Symptoms Of Coronavirus Disease In Children Body

Many parents and doctors found some unique symptoms of coronavirus disease in children’s bodies.

Large numbers of citizens are contaminated with Covid-19 every day in the world. Simultaneously, the death procession is becoming more frequent. 

At this time, adults need to be aware of corona infections; In the same way, safety belts should be made for children.

Experts said the children were not safe in the second wave in Corona. At this period, youngsters should be given special care and safety Coronavirus is still quickly circulating among kids. 

Last year, Corona did not hurt the children much. However, the children are not getting relief from the new wave of Covid.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus Disease in Kids Body

Coronavirus is now spreading rapidly among children. Coronavirus is still quickly circulating among kids. The latest strain of the virus is quickly circulating among children between the ages of 8 to 14. 

In several places in India, such as Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana, and Karnataka, the number of children infected with Covid-19 is not small.

According to a report published by Harvard Health, the symptoms of Covid-19 in children may be completely different from those in adults. Common symptoms of coronavirus include fever, headache, cough, and runny nose.

Even if a child has a fever; It can rise to 103-104 degrees Celsius. If in this corona time the fever lasts for 4-5 days, it must not be ignored.

The parent should monitor the child’s blood pressure level. And also they have to find out the amount of oxygen in the patient’s body with the help of an oximeter. Consult a doctor immediately to reduce the amount of oxygen.

Experts also say that children can have different symptoms in addition to normal symptoms. The virus can affect the lungs of children through colds and coughs for several days in a row. This can cause pneumonia in the baby.

Even nasal congestion, salivation, cracked lips, and a bluish tinge to the lips, irritability, insomnia, and loss of appetite can be symptoms of the corona. Therefore, if these symptoms appear in the child’s body at this time, then the advice of a doctor must be taken immediately.

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It is beneficial to keep the appropriate precautions to save children from being infected. While it is difficult for children to obey grooming laws. However, the best way to keep them clean is to adhere to sanitation guidelines.

Here’s what to do to protect your child:

>> That babies are still dependent on breast milk; Their mothers need to be careful. Wear a mask and use frequent sanitizing.

>> In the case of children, maintaining social distance, wearing a mask and washing hands is mandatory.

>> Must wear a mask. However, a two-year-old child can’t wear a mask. In that case, parents have to wear a mask all the time.

>> If the kid does not realize and does not wear a face mask, they must acknowledge and wear a mask.

>> If any symptoms are seen in the parents or anyone else in the house; Then get tested. When corona symptoms appear, maintain the infant as far away from it as possible.

>> Since the school is closed, it is better not to go out with the children. They have to be busy with various activities at home.

>> Ensure that children’s diets contain vitamin B complex, vitamin C, D, calcium, and zinc-immune-strengthening nutrients.

>> The child should drink plenty of water. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the guardian to develop the habit of living a healthy life.

Source: Times of India / Health Line

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