What Is Tantric Massage? Unknown Info You Should Know In 2021

Tantric massage combines elements of Western and Eastern cultures. It was originally brought from India, and its origin has changed over the years. 

Traditionally, it was a massage used for relaxation and relaxation techniques, but many practitioners combine it with healing techniques, meditation, and energy healing. 

It is a wonderful method to relieve stress and tension. It has a huge therapeutic effect on the body and mind.

Tantric massage is one of the oldest forms of massage globally and was the main therapy of an extremely wealthy royal, the emperors and kings of India and Central Asia. 

In India, tantra is used by thousands of practitioners and is considered a health-promoting technique. 

This treatment incorporates the principles of Ayurveda, a holistic form of health care originating from India.

During and after tantric massages, the body is massaged with oil, and massage is done with rhythmic flowing movements of the whole body.

When one has a tantric massage, it is recommended that they meditate for 2 hours. 

However, even if someone doesn’t have time to meditate, a traditional tantric massage with the right massage oil has been relaxing and beneficial for most people.

Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit word “Tantrayana,” meaning “The Way of Transformation.” 

Tantra is the most healing, holistic, and life-affirming form of massage in the world.

Some general benefits of Tantric massage include:

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Energizes the body
  • Helps to release stress
  • Increases the body’s healing response
  • Stimulates the nervous system and helps with nerve regeneration
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Heals muscles
  • Boosts immune system
  • Heals emotional/mental conditions such as depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Improves pleasure functioning
  • Stimulates the senses
  • It can help bring out blocked emotions.
  • Increases self-awareness

There are three types of tantric massage in tantric massage, namely:

  1. Kumari
  1. Mantra
  1. Om Shanti

Tantric massage is beneficial for the body and can be used for self-healing and spiritual healing as well. 

The word “Tantra” was derived from the Sanskrit word “tat,” which means “to bind” or “to unite.” It is an energy that focuses on balancing the body, mind, and emotions.

The term “kumari” means “Mistress” or “female who serves,” and a kumari is one who is trained and qualified to perform this service. 

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You have to apply for a kumari license and undergo intensive training before you are approved to use it.

The second type of tantric massage is known as a mantra. The mantra in tantric massage is a sacred sound that is used in healing sessions. 

It brings to mind a person’s deep relaxation. In a tantric massage, “Mantra” means a sacred or healing word similar to a blessing or a chant. 

It is used in meditative situations, as deep relaxation or to focus the mind.

The word “Om” is used in tantric massage as a salutation or a greeting, and it is one of the first Vedic sounds.

Kumari Massage

Kumari is one of the oldest types of massage. It is practiced widely in the south, particularly among the Tamil, Malayalam, and other ethnic communities. 

Many kumari massage centers are found in South India. You will find the basic principles of kumari massages practiced widely in South India.

A kumari (Mistress) is trained and qualified in kumari massage. A kumari massage center is usually found in south India. 

It provides traditional and authentic kumari massage in a comfortable and intimate setting. 

Most of the kumari massage centers accept regular customers as well. They also offer traditional massage services like Shirodhara, shirobhedana, and swedana.

Traditional kumari massage in South India

Kumari massages are specialized massage therapy that includes deep penetrating oil massages and body polishing massage. 

Kumari massage is based on the kalabandhyan or the body and the nerves. Massage therapy is a treatment with deep and long massage strokes, using oil or herbal preparations. 

The body is massaged with strokes that penetrate deep into the body. It helps to eliminate muscular tension and relax the spine.

Kumari massages are relaxing, but they also assist the patient in getting rid of unwanted thoughts. 

It is also believed that kumari massages also help to relieve stress and anxiety.

There are various types of traditional kumari massage centers in South India. 

Most kumari massage centers provide traditional kumari massages. 

However, they also include other treatments like swedana, Shirodhara, swedana, and shirobhedana in their routine treatment. Some of the traditional kumari massage centers also offer aromatherapy.

Kumari massages can be done in private or group settings. A kumari massage is a personal experience, and you can also find kumari massages in traditional bath halls, private homes, hotels, spas, or any massage centers in South India.


Therapists should do kumari massages with proper training and experience. 

Make sure that the Kumari Massage practitioner is licensed and a professional massage therapist. 

Ensure that the process is conducted in a proper location where there are no distractions.


A kumari massage is both relaxing and energizing. The kumari massage therapy has many benefits. 

The process involves various oils meant to reduce stress, improve relaxation, reduce insomnia, relax the muscles, and soothe the body.

Kumari massages help to loosen the muscle tension. The relaxation of the muscles contributes to a better flow of blood and better circulation.

The oil used during the process penetrates the tissues deeply and thus promotes better blood flow and helps to eliminate the toxins.

Kumari massages also help eliminate the muscle stiffness that can last for a long time after the massage.

The therapist uses her finger, hands, or legs to knead the muscles during a traditional massage gently. The areas are usually sore after a long day or just an average day of physical work.

Like traditional massages, Kumari massages are considered an incredibly good way to start the day or to wind down at the end of a day.

Kumari massages are considered one of the best stress relief therapies that you can get. There are several benefits to a kumari massage that helps to give a calm mind and relaxed body.

These are the benefits of kumari massage that will give you a calm mind and relaxed body:

Relax the body and mind:

While a massage is extremely relaxing, a kumari massage is more relaxing than any massage you have ever had.

The way the massage is done in a kumari massage helps to calm down your body and mind. It is soothing to the body to use the oil used during the procedure.

During the massage, the therapist will gently knead your muscles in a way that will improve blood circulation, make your muscles looser and give you a stress-free mind and body.

The kumari massage is a great stress-relieving therapy that will give you a calm mind. 

The way the therapist gently kneads the muscles and the oil used helps relieve tension and stress, which results in mind and body relaxation.

Freshen up the body:

A massage is the best way to help rejuvenate your body and give you a refreshed and cleaner feeling. 

However, a kumari massage is much more powerful and effective than a traditional massage because it helps you feel refreshed and clean.

Massaging the muscles with oil not only helps to revitalize the body it also helps to give a beautiful glow to the skin.

If you want a fresh and new body, go for a kumari massage instead of a massage.

A kumari massage rejuvenates your body, especially the face and the neck. This rejuvenation treatment is the perfect treatment for someone who wants to keep their beauty as they get older.

Grow your hair longer:

A kumari massage is a great hair growth therapy.

The oils and scalp massaging are the perfect way to stimulate the scalp and make it grow faster. Kumari oil helps to promote hair growth.

Hair growth happens because of blood flow and circulation. During the massage, the scalp massaging helps to promote blood circulation, which results in hair growth.

It not only makes your hair grow but also strengthens your hair, giving you luscious and healthy hair.

Reduce stress:

If you feel stressed and feel like you don’t know how to deal with it, a kumari massage is the best way to go about it.

The kumari massage reduces your stress levels and helps relax you, and makes you feel refreshed.

This treatment can be obtained without going to a spa. The kumari massage treatment is affordable, and you can have this as a treat without spending too much money.

It helps you to relax the mind and body and to de-stress. Depression can also be treated very effectively.

You will feel better and more relaxed after the massage and oils.

Keep your skin healthy:

The best massage you can get is a kumari massage, which will ensure that your skin is treated in the right manner and is safe.

Among the factors that contribute to the health of your skin is oily. It provides nourishment and helps maintain the health of the skin.

The massage includes a wide variety of massage oils and other natural ingredients that help to make your skin look beautiful and moisturized.

The massage oils will also help you to look healthy and glowing.

It is possible to use many different types of oils for this treatment. They can be chosen according to the type of your skin.

The Tantric Massage: how does it work?

To get a Tantric Massage, you must contact a Tantric Massage Therapist in your area. These masseuses have been trained in Tantric Massage and can help you get the results that you want. 

Your massage therapist will know and understand all aspects of this ancient and holistic form of massage therapy.

Tantric massage: what is its history?

The origin of the Tantric Massage goes back thousands of years. It is the oldest form of massage globally and was the main therapy of an extremely wealthy royal, the emperors and kings of India and Central Asia. 

In India, tantra is used by thousands of practitioners and is considered a health-promoting technique. 

Yoga emphasizes the interdependence of mind and body as part of its philosophy. 

As a health promotion technique, tantra encourages individuals to relax and experience a sense of peace.

Tantric massage vs. Traditional massage: what’s the difference?

The difference between the Tantric and traditional massage is tantric massage is not just a massage. It is a form of healing that also works on the chakras, which are subtle energy bodies within the body. 

The tantric massage encourages individuals to relax and experience a sense of peace and oneness with their bodies and the universe. 

In the traditional massage, the goal is to relax and to have a great massage experience. 

The techniques are very similar, but the focus is on the physical body rather than the chakras.

What is the tantra massage exactly?

Tantra massage is based on the philosophy of yoga and the Tantric teachings, the most ancient teachings of yoga. 

Thousands of years have passed since the Tantric massage was developed. Tantra massage is a technique that works the chakras and meridians of the body, which are the energy centers in the body. 

The massage uses light and sound vibrations to stimulate the body and chakras. 

A tantra massage therapist will listen to your body and understand what it needs before giving a massage. 

A typical tantra massage will include a full-body massage that is customized to your needs.

Does a tantra massage hurt?

A tantra massage does not hurt, but the individual does not always want a full body massage. 

When the body relaxes, the masseuse can give more specific areas of massage where there is a lot of tension. 

For example, a specific muscle that a person is working on will have a specific massage technique for releasing that muscle. 

There are other techniques like petrissage and effleurage to help relax and work the chakras. 

A tantra massage is similar to most deep tissue massages in muscle release but will be gentler as you focus on the chakras and their specific release. 

The massage therapist can use vibrational tools that help to release the chakras.

How much does a tantra massage cost?

Tantra massage can vary in cost. The number of chakras that need to be released will determine the cost of the massage. 

A tantra massage with energy tools will be much more expensive, as the energy tools will cost money to purchase. 

A tantra massage without energy tools is just a full-body massage. 

The cost of a tantra massage can range from $60 to $150 depending on the techniques used, the number of chakras that are being worked on, and the number of hours it takes to complete the massage. 

A tantra massage in the USA is around $100 – $150 an hour, depending on the location.

How long will a tantra massage take?

A tantra massage can take anywhere from half an hour to five hours. 

According to the number of chakras to be worked on, the massage might be longer or shorter. 

It is possible to release more than one chakra during a session. In other cases, there might be one release. 

Tantra massage is not a fast-paced session. It is more about releasing a lot of tension in the body. 

It is much better to set aside at least two hours for a tantra massage. It is also important to be relaxed during the massage. 

Relaxation is the key to working on a chakra in a shorter amount of time.

How much does a tantra massage cost in Thailand?

A tantra massage in Thailand will cost around $30 – $40. A very inexpensive massage might only cost $10. 

A massage with a tantra focus might cost a few hundred dollars. A full body massage will run about $50 – $75. 

To pay for the massage, you will need to set aside a certain amount of money. 

There might be a small tip leftover for the masseuse.

Final Words:

Hope you like your article on Tantric Massage. If you still have some queries for questions regarding Tantric Massage, mention those in the comment section. 


Tantric techniques of love – what are they?

Tantra techniques can increase pleasure energy by combining breathing, yoga, and meditation. Tantra techniques are often misunderstood to involve wild, uncontrollable pleasure experiences. Tantric techniques are both a mental and spiritual practice in addition to opening you up to new sensations.

Tantric techniques of love – what are they?

Tantra techniques can increase pleasure energy by combining breathing, yoga, and meditation. Tantra techniques are often misunderstood to involve wild, uncontrollable pleasure experiences. Tantric techniques are both a mental and spiritual practice in addition to opening you up to new sensations.

How does a tantric session work?

Talking, meditation, body touches, and massage may be included in a session. Some practitioners may opt for a Tantric massage, Yoni massage, or Lingam massage following the initial interview. Tantra therapists provide a safe space for their clients based on clearly defined boundaries.

What is the tantric goddess?

Often referred to as “Tantric Lakshmi,” Kamalatmika (Kamala) is the Lotus Goddess. Kamala has a benevolent expression and molten gold eyes with her gold complexion, black hair, and three placid eyes.

How does Tantric Kundalini work?

In yoga, Kundalini refers to the flow of life force (Prana) channeled through the nervous system in a particular way. “Kundalini Tantra” might reawaken certain freedom or energy in those of us who are mentally strong, physically healthy, and without a history of depression, anxiety, or trauma.

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