Terraria Cell Phone: The Post-Skeletron Informational Item

The terraria Cell Phone is a Skeletron-era informative object that shows fishing force, temperature, moon phase, height, a position from the core of the earth’s time.

And, the closest useful atmosphere item, speed of movement, present DPS, maximum kills during the previous opponent attack, uncommon monsters surrounding, and the overall number of neighboring enemies. 

Again, terraria Cell Phone can even teleport the gamer back home, just like a Magic Mirror. 

Cell phones first appeared in Terraria for PC in version 1.3, and they have now been introduced to the Console models. 

And, these practical gadgets, similar to cell phones in the everyday world, serve as valuable guides to facts about the environment and character. However, there will be no online surfing!

The Cell Phone is among the most complicated crafting tree branches in Terraria, with 13 core pieces and 7 crafting activities, behind only the Zenith, which seems to have 14 as well as the Ankh Shield, which now has 11.

Best Methods To Obtain Terraria Cell Phone

The terraria Cell Phone, unlike so many other informative products including its component bits, doesn’t double as an attachment and cannot be mounted in attachment slots.

Instead, it operates strictly from the player’s standard inventory spaces, classifying it as a weapon.

And, terraria cell phone details are obscured when the inventory window is up. Alternatively, a symbol is shown for every other category of content, which can still be tapped to turn the show on or off.

In competitive multiplayer, input from the Cell Phone is exchanged with close teammates on the very same squad.

The terraria cell Phone is a late-game object that can only be accessed after Skeletron has been defeated.

It is however fairly challenging to craft due to the large number of base pieces used (13).

This checklist will walk you through the complete crafting tree for this widely sought-after educational method.


OutcomeItemsCrafting Stations
Terraria Cell PhonePDAP &Magic MirrorTinkerer’s Workshop
Terraria Cell PhonePDA Ice & MirrorIce Tinkerer’s Workshop

Crafting Tree

Crafting Tree
Crafting Tree


The Terraria Cell Phone is the product of the combination of 13 specific elements: the Compass, Distance Meter, DPS Detector, Fisherman’s Pocket/portable Map, Gold or Platinum Watches (both with 10 Bars as well as a Chain), Living organism Analyzer, Magic or Ice Mirror, Metal Scanner Radar, Magnifying glass, Timer, Tally Meter, and Environment Radio.

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  • Although this Terraria cell phone is a very flexible and efficient item, acquiring one also necessitates a great deal of patience. A few of the appropriate equipment, including the Metal Scanner and the Angler’s challenge pieces, take a long time to find. Moreover, certain items are fairly straightforward and readily accessible. 
  • The Metal Detector is simpler to obtain in Expert or Master Mode so Nymphs have such a 100 percent of the overall risk of dropping them.

Interesting Facts

  • The design of the Terraria cell phone as a standard “catch-all” gadget reflects the multi-functionality of true digital mobile phones, which also have effectively made once-common accessories such as clocks, navigation systems, clocks, radios, and atlases redundant in most situations.
  • And, using a mirror in the formula may also be a nod to how the front camera on a mobile device can be utilized as a mirror. The reflection may also be due to the mirror-like touchscreen, which differs greatly from earlier model phones that used keys. 
  • This doesn’t seem to be built on any specific real-world mobile device
  • The Terraria Cell Phone is among 4 non-accessories made at a Tinkerer’s Training session, amongst others the Boulder Controller and Old-gen game controller models 3DS edition / Ultrabright Helmet Desktop and Smartphone versions, Multicolor combination Wrench, and The Spectacular Design.
  • Even though it is a strong object with a rarity rating of 7, the Cell Phone can be acquired superior to Hardmode, since all items can be acquired before overcoming the Wall of Flesh.
  • The Cell Phone, which shares the usage time of the Magic/Ice Mirror, is among the few things that qualify for “snail” velocity.
  • This object also had the most difficult crafting tree, with 13 pieces, however, it has since been surpassed by the Zenith, which seems to have 14.

The Terraria Cell Phone: How to Make It Easily

You’re nothing in Terraria if you don’t get a Terraria Cell Phone, much as in the modern world.

That’s potentially why obtaining one is among the most difficult and time-consuming tasks you’ll face in the side-scrolling Terraria craft-’em-up. But here’s another thing: it’s worthwhile.

The Terraria Cell Phone is a fantastic tool that provides a wealth of useful knowledge while still allowing you to travel back to the house (so here is how to create a Terraria building, by the situation). That leads to the question, how would you construct a Terraria Cell Phone?

We’ve narrowed the procedure down into simple stages. You’ll learn all you require to understand to create your own Terraria Cell Phone.

As previously said, it is a time-consuming procedure; there will be only one other thing in the game that will allow you to create harder. 

But when you’ve always wanted to be willing to utter “new smartphone, who dis?” in Terraria, this is the moment to get started In the spirit of vital resources, we’ve even compiled a roadmap on how to obtain a set of Terraria wings.

The Crafting Requirements Needed For The Terraria Cell Phone Are As Follows:

Magic Or Ice Mirror

To create your Cell Phone, you’ll require a Magic Mirror or perhaps an Ice Mirror; then that doesn’t matter either, the outcome will be the same. 

And, the Magic Mirror can be found in containers in the Underground or Cavern Surfaces. 

Besides, the Ice Mirror, which is the very same object, can be located inside the Frozen Biome’s Frozen Boxes.

Whether you’re playing Journey Modes, every new hero you build will start with even a Magic Mirror.

Grab A GPS

The next step is to create a GPS. Begin with 10 golden or platinum bars as well as a chain and transform them into something like a gold or platinum watch; this doesn’t care either onto a Desk and Chair. 

And, on even a Tinkerer’s Workspace, you’ll require to pair the watch alongside two other things, the Depth Detector and also the Compass, to make a PDA.

R.E.K 3000

At a Tinkerer’s Workbench, you’ll have to have to incorporate the Radar, Tally Meter, and Living organism Analyzer.

The Radar can be found in ground boxes or Wooden Boxes including Pearlwood Boxes found while fishing.

And, the Tally Counter drops at 1 percentage chance from Angered Bones, Curse Skulls, as well as Dark Casters throughout the Dungeon. The Travelling Trader will sell you the Lifeform Tester for five coins.

Goblin Tech

To build the Goblin Technology, you’ll have to have a DPS Meter, which you may purchase for 5 gold bars from the Traveling Trader. 

And, you’ll still require the Countdown timer, which you can get for 5 gold bars from the Travelling Trader. 

Finally, you’ll require the Metal Scanner which you can obtain from Nymphs throughout the Cavern. 

And, there is a 50 percent loss rate unless you are playing on Expert or Master Difficulty, where it is 100%. To obtain the Goblin Tech, integrate these 3 things in a Tinkerer’s Workshop.

Fish Finder

To begin, you’ll have to have a Fisherman’s Reference Manual, which you can obtain with a 33.3 percent probability by finishing Angler challenges. 

Then, you’ll require the Weather Radio, which you can obtain similarly. 

Finally, then there is the Sextant, which you have a 33.3 percent possibility of having from the Angler.

When you merge the 3 on a Tinkerer’s Workplace, then, you will get Fish Finder.

Final Phase

To obtain your Terraria Cell Phone, you must merge the GPS, R.E.K 3000, Goblin Technology, including Fish Finder on even a Tinkerer’s Workspace to create a PDA. 

After that, at a Tinkerer’s Workspace, pair the mirror of your choosing with the PDA, then you’ll find your exclusive terraria Cell Phone. We warned you, achieving terraria Cell Phone would take some time.


Achieving Terraria Cell Phone is a little bit time-consuming matter but if you follow our instructions on Terraria Cell Phone it will be much easier to obtain.

At last, if you have any kind of queries or doubt regarding Terraria Cell Phone mention us in the comment section.

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