The right way to wear a double mask is to avoid coronary infections

There is no alternative to using masks at this time of the epidemic. It is important to wear a face mask when you leave the house.

And, experts believe that it is possible to avoid corona infection only by using a mask.

Experts recommend wearing 2 or 3 masks at the moment. This is because the coronavirus can be so subtle that it can spread through the air and infect humans.

Experts are now advising everyone to wear a double mask to prevent the possibility of corona infection.

Is wearing 2 masks effective?

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has also instructed the use of double masks.

According to scientists, no matter how good the mask is, one or the other should be used together.

According to studies, double masking can reduce the risk of corona infection by 85-95 percent.

How does double masking help against Covid-19?

No matter how small germs or viruses are due to the use of double masks; They cannot enter through your nose or mouth.

Besides, you don’t have to stand too far away when talking to anyone. Before going to public transport, office or closed house, market, hospital, you must wear 2-3 masks at a time.

What is the best way to use a double mask?

Many people use homemade masks. Again, many masks available in the market are bought and used by many people at low prices. 

However, experts have suggested that the size of the mask should be correct.

Surgical masks do not cover the face well. Due to the mask not fitting properly with everyone’s face.

Therefore, small germs mixed in the air can easily enter through the upper part of the nose or the side of the jaw.

So before using the mask, see if it fits your face. Things to keep in mind when using a double mask-

>> The two masks fit well with each other on the face.

>> There should be no space in the mouth or air can not enter.

>> Both are good quality masks.

>> Do not wear two masks of the same type.

>> Use an N95 / K95 mask

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According to recent research by the CDC, the layer is also an important factor in the case of double masks. Face Masks of at least three layers offer adequate security.

Two-layer masks are highly unprotected, providing only 56.7 percent protection against germs. On the other hand, cloth masks have 3 layers; They resist 85.4 percent.

The multi-layered mask will protect you from viruses. As a result, please ensure you select a tertiary face mask.

As recommended by the CDC, when wearing a double mask, make sure you are comfortable. As seen many times, the mask becomes a cause of discomfort.

For this reason, wear good quality comfortable masks. Make sure you can breathe well after wearing the mask.

Source: Times of India

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