To prevent the spread of corona In 2021 Best Methods

The spread of Corona in 2021 is very faster than in 2020 in the whole world because of the Covid-19 new variant of the virus.

The second wave of coronavirus is spreading more deadly. Not only in this country, but the virus is also having a devastating effect on the population of neighboring India. Corona sufferers are dying due to lack of treatment due to hospital and medical crises.

So everyone needs to be aware at this time. Your little mistake can spread the virus. It is people’s duty to take precautions to keep corona from spreading.

How does corona spread?

SARS COV-2 is a highly contagious virus. It’s not enough that you’ll become infected if you come into contact with a contaminated human. According to experts, corona can be spread not only by contact but also by aerosols (fine particles of the virus). When someone sneezes coughs without a mask, speaks, or laughs; Then the aerosol spreads from his mouth into the air.

According to a study published in The Lancet Journal, the second wave of the corona is affecting most people through aerosols. As noted in the same study, the risk of corona infection is much lower in ventilated rooms than outside.

Lab tests, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), demonstrate that an individual is quite probable to be contaminated with corona without touching it. The virus can also enter the body through the air.

The onus is now on everyone to survive and keep others safe. Necessary precautionary measures need to be taken to prevent corona infection. All you have to do is –

Wear a good mask to stop spread of Corona

Corona infections can occur through aerosols. So you must wear a mask in the crowd or when talking to someone. For this, try to use a 3-4 layer mask. The CDC has already suggested double masking to prevent the spread of the virus. Experts believe that the best way to avoid this virus is to use an extra layer of mask.

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Adhere to social distance

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is important to maintain a distance of 8 feet from each other. This would stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading. As a result, corona sufferers are positive without symptoms; They also reduce the risk of infection. Also, avoid going to anyone infected with Covid-19, it is the riskiest.

Not outside except in urgent need

The lockdown period is increasing. It is better to stay at home at this time. Don’t go out too often. Now that the market is open, many may go to the market to shop. But beware, you can get infected from there too. Do not go out at this time unless necessary.

Hands should be washed regularly

Experts believe that coronaviruses live on objects or surfaces for up to several hours. So even if you are at home, wash your hands immediately after doing any work. Keep the surface of frequently touched items sterile. Be sure to maintain hygiene.

Arrange ventilation in the house

Various studies have shown that the risk of spreading corona in a closed room is higher than outside. Especially in offices. Therefore, do not stay in a closed room at this time. May open or enter the air; Stay in such a house.

Source: Times of India

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