Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools – Make Your Job Easy!

Here we’re presenting the amazing, trending, and most powerful top 10 digital marketing tools. If you are a freelancer, digital marketer, or business owner then you must read this article from start to end.

First of all, we would begin with defining digital marketing. It is advertising our products/goods/services on the Internet. It is different from traditional advertising methods as the audience is comparatively larger in traditional advertising.

Through digital marketing, you can target specific audiences falling in your company’s niche. This is highly cost-effective and you can control what your company is doing or not doing in the market.

So no more delay to explore this digital marketing technology. let’s jump onto the top 10 digital marketing tools.

Top 10 Must Need Digital Marketing Tools

We devided this Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools in 5 major categories which is following below :

1. Email marketing tools


Hubspot has recently launched its email marketing tool which has started leading the market. First of all, it gives you some free emails per month which can be handy for a beginner in digital marketing.

The app has already many templates to choose from and an easy dashboard so that you don’t need an IT professional to design your email.  

The most important feature is that the developers have connected it to the Hubspot CRM which enables you to design personalized emails for your users. This feature ensures your users that the emails are written personally for themselves.

The tool gives you a free 2000 email sending opportunity per month. For more features and an increased amount of emails, you can upgrade it for 9.99$ per month. This is one of the most important digital marketing tools for business.


Mail chimp is the leader in email marketing tools. It is very easy to use and its dashboard provides you everything which you may need. The tool gives you many suggestions for designing which is helpful for beginners.

It guides you throughout the whole process and even if you don’t know anything about email marketing then also you can easily begin it here. The tool also provides a customized automatic reply to your consumers ( To use this feature upgrade the tool for 50$). 

You can easily review who viewed your emails of which campaign is getting the most number of likes. The tool gives 12000 emails per month for free and if you want to go unlimited then upgrade at 10$. You can also access enhanced tracking options through a paid plan.

2. Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

First of all, it comes with the big name of Google which enhances its performance in the market. The tool provides a goal funnel which makes it easy for us to focus on our specific campaigns. It tells you that by using what keywords a user is entering your website.

The campaigns or posts receiving the most traffic can be easily tracked.  People often complain of the difficult user interface. In reality, there are some ambiguous controls but they can be tackled once you have started using the app.

However, the tool is free to use and comes in handy to most of the companies but can be upgraded at 100$.

Crazy Egg

This tool is easier to use comparatively Google Analytics. Its heat map enables you to track the clicks of your users ( where they click the most and where the least). You can also track if the user is accessing your site through a mobile phone or a PC.

You can see if the users are reading the full article or leaving in between before moving to another post. The confetti map enables you to divide your data based on keywords, sources of referrals, time of day, etc.

The tool charges from 9$ to 19$ monthly and also has a 30 days money-back guarantee if you feel their service is not satisfying you.

3. Social media marketing tools


Hootsuite is a global leader in social media marketing with over 15 million users. The tool perfectly suits medium and small businesses. The tool allows posting on many social media platforms at a time. It is supported by the most number of platforms.

You can access profiles of all platforms from one single tool. The support system is very good and responds 24/7. It is supported by android and iOS. However,  you may find it expensive if you have a team working with it.

The tool has a free version but also it has paid version. The paid plans start from 49$ with a 30-day free trial.


It assists you in posting and customizing your content. It has the functionality to schedule your post to auto-publish any time. It is supported by Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest. You can add up to 25 members and work as a group. The customer support is lively and active 24/7.

Buffer has a free plan and paid plans that begin at 15$ per month.

4. Content Marketing tools


You must be familiar with WordPress. This is one of the best CMS (content management system) for bloggers/content writers. The basic feature which sets it apart from others is its flexibility. You can customize your website at your ease.

WordPress can function with your other marketing tools. It constantly adapts to your needs and offers worthful recommendations. The app tutorials are easy to understand and cover all the features. You can edit a wide range of data from texts to images. The app also supports videos.

The app gives you 3GB of free storage but if you want more space then you can pay for it ( 4$ per month for an upgrade).

Google Docs

This is not that fancy as compared to its rivals but is very easy to use. Anyone can get acquainted with it within a day. However, the app has fewer features than MS word but works great for users who are looking to edit their content. The support system is always helpful and functions 24/7.

The app gives you 15GB of free cloud space which is more than enough for a normal user. But if you want more than the paid versions start from 6$. The paid version enables you to organize group meetings and work as a group on an article.

5. Designing tools for digital marketing


One of the best free designing tools available in the market. The 2.0 update has made the user interface more friendly and convenient. It has thousands of graphics and photos. You have to just type your constant and it will design creative ways of presenting it with different fonts and layouts.

Adobe spark

It is highly reputed in the content designing field due to its varied features. The feature which sets it apart from other tools is that it has a video creation option through which you can create short videos.

It is supported by desktops as well as mobile phones. Same like canva it has also many beautiful templates to choose from or you can do personal customization as per your own needs.

Nowadays, every business needs market their product/services digitally and have to use various platform. So, it’s very important to use a proper tool to promote their brand. Hope this top 10 digital marketing tools will help a lot.

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