¢¢ Type Cent Sign on Your Mobile Phone, macOS, Windows Computer

Are you searching for how to type the cent sign/symbol/icon (¢, ¢) on your computer, laptop, HTML, or Smartphone? Then you find the right web page that will provide the best solution for type the cent symbol search quarry.

But before that, you must understand the definition of the cent symbol/sign or icon.

What is Cent Symbol

A cent is a monetary sign representing one-hundredth of a unit. For instance, 1USD = 100. This cent icon is also known by various names, such as a penny or a centavo, and has a comparable monetary worth. source

Besides, the cent symbol can be written in multiple ways, similar to a stroke on the letter c. But, in this section, we will show you how to enter the appropriate cent symbol utilizing keyboard shortcuts. 

Cent Sign or Symbol Table

Just Copy and Paste your desired cent sign.


The Detailed Solution How To Type The Cent Symbol/Sign On Your Smartphone And Computer

While writing on The us dollars, the cent sign (¢)is intended to indicate a certain amount of cents, generally while talking with quantities just under $1. 

A cent sign (¢) may be typed on many desktops operating MS Windows or Apple macOS, & it can also be found on Android and iOS mobile device keyboards. 

When all things fail, look for the cent sign on the internet, then copy and paste it (¢) into your text or word document file.

Cent Symbol/Sign Shortcut





What is Unicode and the Cent (¢) Symbol?

The cent symbol is a popular indicator for the term cents; therefore, it is widely used in pricing lists and ads for less than $1. 72 cents, for instance, can be represented as 72 (¢) and also $0.72. 

Similar cent-like units in many other nation’s currencies, including Mexican centavos, utilize it as well.

Besides, it is more aesthetically pleasing to represent a quantity in cents via the cent sign than converting cents to dollars using a leading zero number of dollars. 

And. the cent sign isn’t available on most computer keyboards, which means it can’t be written manually by hitting a named button on a keyboard.

This is, meanwhile, a component of Unicode, the worldwide benchmark for encoding text on computers, mobile phones, and many other electronic devices. 

For example, most current devices in 2021 can show a cent symbol, and there are methods for entering it electronically.

How to type Cent Symbol/sign/icon on MS-Windows

Throughout most applications on Microsoft Windows, you may enter a cent sign/symbol by typing the computer keyboard Alt code for the cents icon or character, which is a numerical code that you write when pressing down the Alt button on your computer keyboard.

The alt code for this cent sign (¢) is 0162, thus to input a cent symbol (¢), press and hold the Alt button and write 0162.

However, you may also use a search engine like Google or Bing to get the title of the intended sign then copy and paste it from the online search results.

How to type Cent Symbol on Apple macOS Computer

On Apple macOS, a cent symbol may be typed through a keyboard shortcut. 

You have to Click the computer keyboard number 4 while holding down the Option button/key on your Apple macOS keyboard. This button does have the dollar symbol ($) on it, which may help you recall it’s related to US dollars.

You are using Apple’s installed Character Viewer to enter characters in generic whenever you don’t understand a keyboard Apple macOS shortcut. 

You have to press and hold the Control and Command keys while pushing the Space Bar where you wish to enter the sign to bring it up.

Now you have to use the search function or scroll via the list, look for the desired sign in the menu. 

Now, you have to Click the symbol you wish to use to put this into the application. Then you have to Reopen the Character Viewer application or copy and paste a sign for reusing it.

How to type Cent Sign-on Mobile Phones/Devices

Numerous Apple iOS, as well as Android mobile device keyboards, have a cent symbol.

If you want to unlock other currency signs, such as the cent sign, on ios and Android platforms.

Now, on the digital keyboard, press and hold the $ symbol. Then, Click the cent symbol or other monetary sign that you require.

How to Insert Cent Sign in HTML Code

To put the symbol in HTML pages, you have to use decimal &# 162;, hexadecimal code &#x 00A2;, or entity name & cent ;. The code for adding a cent sign in HTML using decimal code, hexadecimal code, and entity name is shown below.


Alt Code Computer Keyboard Shortcuts for Cent Sign

The cent symbol is an element of the Unicode programming language, which is a text-typing standard. To put this symbol in MacBook and Windows word documents, you can use the Unicode value with alt code keyboard shortcuts.

Sign NameCent Symbol/icon ¢
Microsoft Windows ShortcutAlt + 162
Unicode Point codeU+00A2
MS Word Shortcut00A2 Alt + X
Macbook ShortcutOption + 00A2
HTML Entity Hexadecimal Code&#x00A2;
CSS Value Code\00A2;
HTML Entity Name Code&cent;
Decimal Value162
Hexadecimal Value00A2
HTML Entity Decimal Code&#162;

How To Type Full-Width Cent Symbol

Unicode also contains a cent symbol known as the “Fullwidth Cent Sign.” 

And, this fullwidth Cent Sign is accessible under the “Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms” section to implement double-byte Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters. 

In Microsoft Windows, use Alt + 65504 and in MacBook, use Option + FFE0 to put this fullwidth cent symbol.

How Cent Sign look on Browser Display

The cent sign and Unicode Fullwidth cent symbol are seen below.

Alternative Way to Type the Cent Sign

If the computer keyboard shortcuts aren’t functioning, You must try the sign/symbol in windows and Mac Boo programs.

How to Use a Character Map in Windows For Cent Sign

In Windows PCs, you can input the cent sign using the Character Map program.

  • Through Microsoft Windows Search, launch the program.
  • Enter penny in the application’s “Search for:” text field and press the search button.
  • The cent, as well as other symbols, will be filtered as a result of this.
  • When you double-click on the cent symbol, the application will display the logo in the “Characters to copy” text box.
  • To copy the Cent symbol to the clipboard, select the “Copy” icon.
  • After copying, use the Control + V shortcut to paste the symbol into any program.

How To Type Cent Sign Using Character Viewer In Mac

In Mac Book, you can enter a cent sign using the Character Viewer program, just like in Windows.

  • To launch the Character Viewer program, press “Control + Command + Space.”
  • Instead, from any application, navigate to the “Edit > Emoji & Symbols” menu.
  • To filter similar icons, search for “cent sign.”
  • To put the cent symbol into your document, tap on it.

How To Type Insert Cent Sign In Mobile Handset

In Apple iOS and Android cellphones, this is also simple to put a cent symbol.

  • Hold down the $ key.
  • This will display a pop-up displaying a few monetary icons such as Cent, Euro, Yen, Pound, and so on.
  • To insert, click the cent symbol.

Bottom Line

We hope you now understand all details of the cent symbol and how to type cent sign on different platforms, including HTML.

If you still have any questions and queries regarding how to type the cent symbol on your computer, laptop, HTML, or smartphone, ask us in the comment section. 

Cent Symbol: FAQs

On a laptop, how do one type cents sign?

If you want To generate a cent sign, hold down the ALT key, then input the number 0162. In an HTML document, utilize the Unicode Cent sign or copy and paste the cent character.

How do you write 20 cents?

If you’re typing a sum more petite than a dollar, you have two options for typing out the cents.

And, you have to  type “zero dollars as well as” preceded by the fraction, or you could put the total in words followed by the phrase “only.”

For instance, 20 cents would become “zero dollars and twenty cents/100” or “just twenty cents.”

Where can I find the degrees sign in Word?

On Android, look for the degree sign.
1. Please ensure you have the computer keyboard for numbers & icons at the ready.
2. ‘ALT’ should be pressed
3. The degree sign may be seen on the 2nd row

On a laptop, how does one type squared?

How to Insert the Squared Symbol (2) on a Laptop or Phone
1. To the square, an integer is to multiplication by itself in algebra.
2. Pressing the Alt key is the quickest way to write the squared sign.
3. While using the numeric pad to enter 0178

What is the proper way to write square roots?

A square root is represented with a radical sign (√), as well as the number or phrase contained within the radical icon, designated by the letter a, is known as the radicand.

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