Walking Vs Running To Lose Weight Which One You Prefer

Exercise does not mean going to the gym and using different equipment.

Walking, running, swimming, jumping rope, bookdoning, etc. are all ‘cardio’ exercises that do not require any special equipment.

And the easiest of the cardio exercises is walking, then running. But the benefits are not small at all.

Which of the two (running or walking) is better – is it reasonable to choose?

Details are based on a report published on a physical education website.

If running out of calories is the measure, running will be ahead. Because running burns more calories than walking, almost twice as much.

When he runs again, his heart has to work harder, which makes him healthier.

However, for those who have heart disease, asthma, knee problems, running will be risky.

The chances of success in reducing belly fat are highest in a combination of walking and running.

After walking for a while, run hard for a while, then walk again and run again. Following this habit, the ‘visceral fat’ in the abdomen decreases rapidly.

As a result, in case of weight loss, running will give faster results than walking.

Running & running are also good ways to get more strength.

Both increase the body’s ability to take the stress. Walking and running are equally important to protect against chronic diseases.

But In that scenario, you must bear into consideration your body’s power estimation. In that case, you have to keep in mind the calculation of your body’s capacity.

Any exercise is to start gently and gradually increase the pressure. There seems to be a risk of irreversible injury if this is not done.

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