What is a Sugar Baby? Websites Where You Can Hire a Sugar Baby

What is a Sugar Baby?

So many people do not know What is a Sugar Baby. It’s a very interesting profession which is getting very popular nowadays!

The ongoing covid19 pandemic has hit hard on millions of lives all over the world with millions losing their jobs. This has resulted in an increasing number of sugar dating users.

Sugar dating is a type of transactional dating practice in which an older wealthier person dates a younger person who is in need of money or any other favor. The payment can be anything and can be done on a weekly, monthly basis or as per agreement.

The person who receives gifts is Sugar baby and the gift payer is sugar daddy or mommy. Online sugar dating sites are on the rise because they give many choices to both sugar daddies as well as sugar babies. I hope it’s clear now What is a Sugar Baby.

Most of the sugar babies are students who are under 25 looking for someone to pay their college fees. However, it is not restricted to younger students but is most prevalent in them. They are many youths who could not afford a luxury lifestyle so they opt for sugar dating.

In some cases, sugar daddies pay the entire expenses of sugar babies which include their housing rent, college fees, electricity bill, etc. The United States is the largest market for sugar dating followed by United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Colombia.

Difference between an escort/call girl and a sugar baby

In the above description, you might be cleared What is a Sugar Baby. There is a large debate over whether sugar babies are escorts or not.

Or in simpler words, we can say that if this type of dating can be considered sex work? However, most sugar babies do not believe that they are similar to escorts.

This is somewhat true because an escort is hired for a night while sugar babies are for long terms. Also, there is an emotional connection between the partners which is not in the case of escorts.

Sugar babies can choose their sugar daddies and vice versa but the escorts are chosen by their employers. They don’t have choices.

Advantages of being a sugar baby

  1. First of all, you will receive great financial benefits. The daddies will pay for everything for you.
  2. You can normally hang out with your friends either male or female. Your daddy will not ask where are you going, who is this male friend and so on. So you will have full freedom and can try on as many men as you want.
  3. You will not have to do an extra job. If you are a student then it will greatly save your time and you will have enough scope to study.
  4. The relationship is very formal. You will not have to think about what he is thinking about me or any other thoughts. It is a formal agreement.
  5. You will not have to indulge in sex-related works for quick money. This arrangement is completely private.
  6. We must not forget that the sugar daddies are rich and intelligent persons. So living with them gives an additional exposure to you. You can connect to big persons by using your daddy’s name.
  7. You will have free vacations.
  8. Most important of all, you don’t have to face any drama before the termination of your relationship as usually happens in normal relationships. You both will depart by shaking hands.

Disadvantages of being a sugar baby

  1. It can badly affect your mental health in long term. You will always be hoping for money in return for sex which will degrade your self-esteem and you may feel hollow in your hearts.
  2. You have to lie to your parents about your relationship.
  3. Since sugar daddies are older so they may want you to be submissive. They believe that they know more about everything than you. This may hamper your self-confidence.
  4. You might get STD if you have sex without protection. Since these daddies have dated many before you so there are great chances that they are carrying an STD which can get transmitted to you.
  5. Your friends will complain about your current arrangement. This will tarnish your reputation and image among your peers.
  6. You will find extreme difficulties in settling in an actual relationship.
  7. You may get accustomed to easy money and you will be always looking for quick fixes in your future.
  8. You may fall into the trap of the sex industry if your daddy has evil intentions towards you.

We are listing some sugar baby hiring websites for you:

1. Seeking Arrangement

This is one of the most widely used websites for sugar dating. It has a customer base of over 10 million. It has also an option that no other dating sites have: A section in which experienced sugar daddies give tips to beginners to avoid frauds.

The best part of this website is that sugar babies don’t have to pay anything while sugar daddies have to.

How to get started?

Make an account on its website and register yourself as a sugar baby. Complete your profile to get sugar daddies and if you have found a for then directly message him.

2. MillionaireMatch

They have over 4.7 million users bases in the USA. However, not every daddy is a millionaire but the site provides good arrangements to find your perfect match. It has also an option of ‘Let’s Meet’ through which you can meet sugar daddies in your locality.

How to get started?

It is free to signup. Upload your photos and send winks to sugar daddies. You will get 50 winks per day but if you want more then you will have to buy its premium version.

3. Wealthymen.com

This is the easiest to use. This site promises that if you don’t get a match within three months after buying premium then you will get a free premium membership for subsequent months.

How to get started?

Sign up for free and here you can upload as many photos as you want. So make sure that you portray all sides of your personality. Free users have limited profiles but with premium, you will get access to all the profiles.

The bottom line here is that don’t get too indulged in this as this can hamper your brain. This is one of the easiest ways to make money but never get carried away.

Look for other possibilities and if you have opted for this field then have complete information about your daddy. Also, there are a lot of scammers in the market so ensure that you are searching on the right website.

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