Why are Mosquitoes drawn to us? Top 8 Reasons

Mosquitoes are drawn to us for a variety of reasons:

1. Mosquitoes are found in over 3,000 different varieties around the world. Most species of female mosquitoes drink the blood of mammals. Mosquitoes cause diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, filariasis, yellow fever, etc.

2. Once settled, a mosquito usually drinks one-twentieth of a liter of blood.

3. Mosquitoes are usually attracted by human movement, infrared radiation emitted with body heat, and chemical signals. Besides, the carbon dioxide emitted by our breath and the lactic acid in the body attract mosquitoes.

4. Depending on the species, they may live from a few weeks to a month, or even longer.

5. Mosquitoes can fly at speeds of one to one and a half miles per hour for one to four hours in a row and travel about seven and a half miles per night.

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6. Mosquitoes are usually attracted by dark colors. Besides, black is also a favorite color of mosquitoes.

7. Mosquitoes roam all over the world. They are found even in cold places like the Arctic.

8. The number of people who die every year due to mosquitoes is less than the number of people who die due to any other animal.

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