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The Dobre Twins social profiles

The Dobre Twins

About The Dobre Twins:

  • Name: The Dobre Twins.
  • Birth year: 28th January 1999.
  • Origin: American.
  • Birthplace: Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.


  • Father’s name: Boz Mofid.
  • Mother’s name: Aurelia Dobre.
  • Brothers & Sisters name: They have two brothers Cyrus and Darius and one sister, but the sister name is unknown.
  • Wife/Girlfriend: Eliana Hernandez.
  • Tiktok:
  • Yearly income: 22 Million Dollars.

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A few words about The Dobre Twins

The Dobre Twins is an American Internet Personality, Social Media Star, and Youtuber. They are full name is Dobre Mofid Lucas and Dobre Mofid Marcus. Right now they hold in Maryland, U.S. They have massive followers in their entire Social Media popularity. And thanks to their YouTube channel, which gets 23 million subscribers. They have one of the biggest youtube channels in the United States. They also have 28 million followers on their TikTok platform. They have also popular on others socials platforms. They normally uploaded like Dancing, Pranking, Funny, challenges, short videos, and other kinds of videos on their TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook also.

Famous & Recent Videos List

Famous Youtube & Tiktok Videos List:

The Dobre Twins is an American Social Media Star, Internet Personality, and Youtuber. They have a huge number of followers on Youtube and Tiktok. And for that, every video gets over millions of views whether it’s TikTok or Youtube. Now let’s check out some of their most recent uploaded videos which gets huge views on TikTok;

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