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Troye Sivan Social Profiles

Troye Sivan

About Troye Sivan:

  • Name: Troye Sivan.
  • Birth year:5 June 1995.
  • Age: 25 years.
  • Origin: Australian.
  • Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Current residence: Troye Lives in LA but his family lives in Melbourne.


  • Fathers name: Shaun Mellet.
  • Mother’s name: Laurelle Mellet.
  • Brothers & Sisters’ names: Tyde Levi,Steele Mellet and Sage Sivan.
  • Yearly income: 584.5K Doller.

A few words about Troye Sivan:

Troye Sivan Is an Australian  singer and songwriter. He  is a great Youtuber also. Troye start his profession in 2006 and start as youtube in 2007. So you can say youtube is his first platforms to shows his talants. Till now on his fantastic journey he wins 12 awards and 43 nominations. He is really so much interesting and also famous on his insta and others socials profiles like FaceBook, Twitter and others. In his intagram 11 millions people follow him and also on twitter 9 million and on facebook 3.5 millions people follow him.

Famous & Recent Music Video List

Troye Sivan Is an Australian singer and songwriter. He is a great Youtuber also. Troye starts his profession in 2006 and starts on youtube in 2007.

Famous & Recent

In a Dream, Bloom, Blue Neighbourhood, wild, Trxye, June Haverly, Dare to dream, etc. Well, The Dear to Dream is Troye’s first Album.

Achievements & Awards

Awards Names and Years:

Troye Sivan Is an Australian Singer and songwriter. He starts singing professionally in 2006. Troye Start with youtube. IN this time he wins a couple of awards like the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, MTV Europe Music Award for Artist on the Rise,  2015 MTV Europe Music Awards,  Breakthrough Long Form Video, 9th Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and many more awards.

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