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Beauty Khan

About Beauty Khan :

  • Name: Beauty Khan.
  • Birth year: 18th March 1999.
  • Origin: Indian.
  • Birthplace:Kolkata, India
  • Current residence: Kolkata, India
  • Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, Making TikTok videos.
  • Pet name: Beauty Kha has a pet dog but unfortunately the name is still unpublished.


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A few words about Beauty Khan

Beauty Khan is an Indian social personality. She is more famous on the Tiktok platform. She comes from a poor family But her dream is big. When she finished her schooling then she starts making TikTok content short content which is posted on her TikTok and her other social sites. Right now she is one of the famous tiktokers in India. And now She is an internet personality.

Famous & Recent Movies List

Famous Videos & TV Shows List:

Beauty Khan is a Tik Tok star in India. She has a massive number of followers in his Tiktok and other socials accounts. In recent times some of her recently published videos are hits over millions of views, which proves how beyond her fame is.  Tose videos like will be given below.

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