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The Stokes Twins Social Profiles

The Stokes Twins

About The Stokes Twins:

  • Name: The Stokes Twins.
  • Birth year: November 23, 1996.
  • Origin: American.
  • Birthplace: Hollywood, Florida, U.S.
  • Current residence: Los Angeles, United States.


  • Brothers & Sisters name: Their Two brothers and both of them are called The Stokes twins. Because of they are the twin brother and their name is Alen Stok and Alex Stoke.
  • Wife/Girlfriend: Leslie Contreras
  • Tiktok:
  • Yearly income: 2 Million Dollars.
  • Hobbies: Making funny and prank videos.
  • Pet name: The Stokes Twins got a husky called Sheeba.

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A few words about The Stokes Twins

Alex stokes and Alen Stokes are known as The Stokes Twins is American Social Media Star, Internet Personality, and Youtuber. The Twins are half-Chinese and half- American. Right now for their profession, they are stands in Los Angels In United States. They have done and publish some viral and funny videos on their Social media special on TikTok and Youtube. They got almost seven million on youtube, 30 million TikTok, six million followers on Instagram.

Famous & Recent Videos List

Famous Youtube & Tiktok Videos List:

The Stokes Twins are famous for their videos on Youtube and TikTok platforms. They upload several kinds of videos like Prank video, funny and comedy video, and many more. Their videos are gatting viral just in a day’s thanks to their youtube channel which is got almost seven million subscribers. In their TikTok, they got 30 million followers that’s why also they got bonuses for their content. Now let’s see their recent top views videos on TikTok-

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