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Czn Burak (aka Burak Özdemir)

About Czn Burak (aka Burak Özdemir):

  • Name: Czn Burak (aka Burak Özdemir).
  • Birth year: 24th March 1995.
  • Origin: Turkeys.
  • Birthplace: Yayladağı,Turkey .
  • Current residence: Yayladağı, Turkey.
  • Yearly income: 11 million dollers.


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A few words about Czn Burak (aka Burak Özdemir)

CZN Burak is an Turkies Chef and Restaurateur. His real name is Burak Özdemir who is famous for his cooking skills. He starts to gatting famous when he posted a bigger-sized Kabab on his Social media platforms. After that, everybody starts noticing him, and he gatting famous on his socials sites. Today he got 2.44 million subscribers on Youtube, 21.9 million followers on his Instagram, 520K Followers on his Twitter, 10 million followers on his Facebook, and 37.4 million followers on his TikTok. It’s clear that his popularity got in every corner in the virtual world.

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Famous Youtube & Tiktok Videos List:

CZN Burak is a Turkeys social media influencer, Internet celebrity, TikTok, and Instagram Star. He is professionally a Chef and restaurateur. He is famous for his cooking style over the internet. CZN Burak’s specialty is when he making a recipe he has a big smile on his face and eye’s on the camera and done his recipe without a look at it. His video included traditional turkeys foods, Middle Eastern foods, and also our daily food like Pizza, Burger, etc.
Now let’s see his recently posted videos which get a great response –

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