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Naim Karachi

About Naim Karachi :

  • Name: Naim Karachi.
  • Birth year: 28th February 2002.
  • Origin: Spanish.
  • Birthplace: Palma, Spain.
  • Current residence: Palma, Spain.


  • Father’s name: Maximiliano.
  • Mother’s name: Paola Natalia Abregu.
  • Brothers & Sisters name: Thiago.
  • Wife/Girlfriend: Àngela Mármol.
  • Tiktok:
  • Yearly income: 20.7k Dollars.
  • Hobbies: Naim love to do acting and dancing very much, which we also see in his TikTok. He also does Lip-sync many times.

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A few words about Naim Karachi

Naim Darrechi is a Spanish TikTok star. He usually posted lip-sync videos on his socials platforms mostly on TikTok. He got a massive on his TikTok. Naim got 25 million followers on his TikTok and also got 5 million followers on her Instagram and 5 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He uploads pretty different content in his YT channels. In there, he uploaded his daily lifestyle-related videos on there. And he also maintained some restrictions and can’t find his all information.

Famous & Recent Videos List

Famous Youtube & Tiktok Videos List:

Naim Darrechi is a Spanish TikTok star and Social Media Influencer. He is one of the most-followed people in TikTok. He loves singing and does it well. And he did it well. His recent videos got high response from his audience, let’s see those video’s list

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