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Priyanka Mongia

About Priyanka Mongia:

  • Name: Priyanka Mongia.
  • Birth year: September 27th, 1997.
  • Origin: Indian.
  • Birthplace: Punjab, India.
  • Current residence: Delhi, India.
  • Hobbies: Acting, modeling, and dancing.


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A few words about Priyanka Mongia

Priyanka Mongia is an Indian TikTok star. She was born in Punjab but right now she holds in Dheli, India. She starts her journey in 2017 after that she gatting famous to her fan followers. But suddenly Indian government banned 108 Apps including TikTok so that she moves on other platforms. Priyanka is also available on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. She got a great response from this platform. Like other stars, her personal information is also invalid on the web.

Famous & Recent Movies List

Famous Videos & TV Shows List:

Priyanka Mongia is one of the bigger TikTok stars in India. She uploaded a short video of lip-syncing with any famous songs or any movie’s famous dialogue. She starts her TikTok journey in 2017 and then she gatting a vast number of supporters in her TikTok account. Now let’s see some of her most hyped videos on Tiktok.


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