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Full Name:  Iqbal Mahmoud Al Assad

  • Birth Place: Palestine
  • Birth Date: February 2, 1993

Education: Iqbal Al Assaad graduated from high school at the age of 12. After that, when she was twenty she got graduation from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar with a degree in general medicine.

About: Iqbal Al Assaad is a physician following a pediatric cardiology scholarship at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is a genius person. She completed her graduation at the age of twelve from high school. Then she got graduation and general medicine degree from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. She was getting a Pediatric Cardiology scholarship from Boston Children’s Hospital. All these facts make her one of the youngest doctors in the world.

Achievements List: When Al Assaad was 20, she was awarded as the youngest Arab doctor after finishing her medical accreditation. Al Assaad was also ranked as one of the most influential women in the Arab world. At such an age, she gained this type of achievement which is really appreciable.

Awards Names and Years: Iqbal Al Assaad is talented, it can be said that her talent is God-gifted. Through her talent, she owns a number of awards let’s check them out. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Cardiology Outstanding Investigator Award and the other one is the Qatar foundation scholarship with the help of the Lebanon Ministry of Education.

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